Motivate your friend to get healthier: HERE’S how you can become a workout buddy

Getting a friend to exercise can be more difficult than you think. Switch to workout buddy mode to encourage your friend to get fit.
Motivate your friend to get healthier: HERE’S how you can become a workout buddy
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Getting a friend to exercise might be more challenging than you expect, especially if they have fallen off the routine or simply don’t seem to have the time to get their body moving. As we grow older, exercise is often put on the back burner as other obligations and commitments such as work and being a parent take priority. You must have also noticed how you do not get to spend as much time with your friend as you used to, and exercising together is a wonderful way to fix that. Most of us all find exercising boring and are too tired at the end of the day to find enough motivation to exercise on our own. Here are a few easy tricks to get your friend (and you)  to sweat it out together and get started on the journey of living your healthiest lifestyle. Get started today!

1. Go down the memory lane

If you have noticed that your friend is unwilling to exercise, don’t push them at first. Go down the memory lane together and you will notice how fondly your friend talks about their high energy levels, fit body and enthusiasm towards life that they seem to have left behind. Tell them that they can be fit again and exercising daily will keep them healthy, happy and reduce stresses of ageing.

2. Reward them when they reach a goal

Ask your friend to set a realistic goal that they can achieve in a span of few weeks. Once they achieve a goal, reward them with something that you know they will enjoy. The temptation of a reward is a great motivator for a lot of people to get exercising!

3. Join them in their quest to get healthy

Practice what you preach. Team up with your friend on their journey to get healthy. Take classes together, gon running together and check up on each other’s progress. It’s a great way to spend time together while getting fit!

4. Follow a schedule

Do not exercise whenever you feel like it. Draw up a schedule that works for both you and your friend, and abide by it. Following a schedule ensures that you get a few minutes of regular exercise even on the most hectic days.

5. Don’t forget to have fun

Most importantly make exercising a great fun. Do not chastise or shame your friend if they are unable to reach their goal. Do exercises that are fun and invigorating. Always encourage each other and make sure you cherish the time spent together.

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