Nasal Congestion? 5 solutions you need to buy from Amazon Great Indian Festival for easy inhaling

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 06:40 AM IST  |  64.5K
Nasal Congestion? 5 solutions you need to buy from Amazon Great Indian Festival for easy inhaling
Nasal Congestion? 5 solutions you need to buy from Amazon Great Indian Festival for easy inhaling

Amid the pandemic, the majority of the people are experiencing nasal congestion. Stuffy or a runny nose is a complete annoyance for kids and adults. People allergic to dirt and grime tend to sneeze a lot and experience nasal congestion frequently. Before coming in contact with excessive breathing issues, here are five solutions that can clear your nasal pathway of air.

Seize these top 5 solutions in Amazon Great Indian Festival for easy inhaling and exhaling.

1. Wonder Steam Inhaler

This steam inhaler is a regular vaporiser that can help to clear your nostrils instantly. It relieves cold, cough, throat infection, and congestion problems. One can also add eucalyptus oil or other inhalants to the water filled in the steam healer for instant relief. It is best to solve the issues related to bronchitis and sinusitis. This steam inhaler is a must for soothing balmy effects on strained muscles and sprained stiff joints.


Price: Rs. 395 

Deal: Rs. 365

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2. Panch Tulsi Ark Drops 

This Panch Tulsi Ark Drops is an ayurvedic combination of Vishnu Priya Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Bisva Tulsi, Shukla Tulsi and Lemon Tulsi to improve your immunity in the best way possible. It has the power to cure cough, cold, and also helps in stress management. The ingredients are great antioxidants that help in fighting diseases and acute health disorders. Nasal congestion is an everyday problem but these drops ensure that you inhale and exhale with ease. 


Price: Rs. 800

Deal: Rs. 499

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3. BeatStock 3 in 1 inhaler vaporizer steamer machine

Vaporizers are an easy and handy solution for nasal congestion and long-lasting breathing problems. The hot steam engulfed from the steamer relaxes your body and mind. On the other hand, it is a great beauty tool to enhance the radiance of your skin. In total this steamer has three attachments to serve your purpose. 


Price: Rs. 695

Deal: Rs. 339

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4. Dr. Vaidya's Inhalant

Inhalants act as a saviour when you are restless due to nasal congestion. The Dr. Vaidya's Inhalant is an ayurvedic inhaler specially designed to relieve you from the issues of nasal congestion. It contains menthol, camphor, brahmi and elaichi for quick relief from blocked nose. Nevertheless it promotes relaxation and reduces stress. 


Price: Rs. 300

Deal: Rs. 255

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5. Acupressure Men's and Women's Ear Nose and Throat Ceramic Magnet

These magnets work on the principle of acupressure. The magnet strength of the magnets is capable of relieving you from nasal congestion, cold, blocked and stuffy nose. These magnets should be placed on the nose accurately. These magnets come in different shapes and sizes for curing health problems. 


Price: Rs. 299

Deal: Rs. 199

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Breathing problems, cold and cough give rise to stress amidst the pandemic. But with the help of these natural solutions one can get rid of nasal congestion within the four walls of the house. Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 offers great discounts and deals on these natural and effective solutions that you shouldn’t avoid. Remember never take your health for granted. Seize these top 5 solutions now and bid adieu to nasal congestion forever.


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