Nutritionist Kanchan Patwardhan sheds lights on post COVID 19 recovery diet to avoid complications

Post COVID 19 recoveries, people have reported to face many health issues. So, Nutritionist Kanchan Patwardhan gives some tips about a healthy diet plan to avoid all kinds of complications.
Foods to eat post COVID 19 recovery Foods to eat post COVID 19 recovery
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Though people are becoming negative and recovering within 15 days from COVID 19, they are reporting many health complications post recovery from the virus. Some are mild and some are severe. Fatigue is most common in all covid recovered patients, digestion issues like acidity, constipation or sometimes loose motions may occur in some cases. So, while recovering from COVID 19, you should have a strict eye on your diet routine for a speedy and healthy recovery. So, Kanchan Patwardhan, a Clinical dietitian, and Nutritionist, Founder of Kanchan’s House of Health and Nutrition, talks about what foods we should eat post our COVID 19 recovery to avoid complications.

What food to eat?

This is difficult time when your body is combating with an infection, and your immune system is in a weak state. In this crucial time our body naturally needs more energy fluid proteins and antioxidants to defeat the deadly virus and to avoid post covid complications. Along with healthy foods, exercise, sunlight and proper rest are the four pilers to avoid complications. So, here are the healthy foods that should be consumed.

1-Eat enough calories. Infection drains you mentally and physically making you weak so enough calorie consumption is a must. But these calories should come from whole grains millets like jowar, barley, ragi, brown rice oats etc. and avoid taking high-calorie sugary drinks.

2-Must include enough proteins. Proteins are essential to repair your system. So, include legumes and pulses like moong, moth, chana rajma on regular basis. Non vegetarians can include eggs, chicken, fish etc. These are very good sources of proteins but sometimes post covid, it may difficult to digest, in that cases increase your proteins gradually. Instead of chicken or fish curry try chicken soup with lots of vegetables. Avoid heavy spicy gravy.

3-Include super food in your diet; Indian kitchen has lots of super food which are extremely beneficial to improve immunity. Add amla every day which is extremely good source of vitamin c and antioxidant. Consume drumsticks, moringa leaves, turmeric and black pepper. Along with our daily diet, we must consume turmeric and black pepper in herbal teas also. Add cinnamon also in your diet, it is extremely good for lungs health and controls blood sugar levels.

4-Make your body alkaline. Lots of medicines make our body acidic, that’s why fruits and vegetables should be there in your diet list. They are not only good source of vitamins and minerals but also makes our body alkaline. Eat at least 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables. Make fresh detox smoothies which should consist of Amla, apple, baby spinach or celery, mint leaves etc. avoid adding salt and sugar in your smoothies.

5-Nuts and oil seeds are a rich source of minerals. They have magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium which are necessary to boost immunity. Nuts are very good source of fatty acids and energy. It’s better to soak almonds and walnuts to improve digestibility.

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