Oral Care Tips for Kids: THESE tips will keep toddlers gums and teeth strong

More than adults kids need to take care of their oral health. Here are some oral health care tips for kids that parents should incorporate in their daily routine, and make sure that their child follows it.
Oral Care Tips for Kids: THESE tips will keep toddlers gums and teeth strong
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Oral hygiene plays an important role in our lives. Not only adults, but kids too should make sure to maintain the health of their teeth right from childhood. In fact, with the lifestyle that we are leading kids should be more cautious about their teeth and eating habits. Parents must make sure to maintain the health of their children's teeth. They should take their child for a regular checkup and should also focus on what they eat. Yes, making sure that your child is taking proper care of their teeth can be a little bit tricky since there are so many things to consider. So we've got you covered with this one. Read below to find out how these tips and tricks can help you maintain the teeth of your child. 


Make sure to incorporate these tips into their daily routine and also teach them about the importance of oral hygiene. 


Brushing twice is a must:


It's one of the most common oral hygiene tips, but it's the most important one. Parents should make sure that their child brushes the teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, using back and forth and up and down motions. Don’t forget to encourage them to brush their tongue and gums to eliminate bacteria that can linger there. Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush that won’t irritate your child’s sensitive teeth and gums.


Floss daily:


Just like brushing, flossing is equally important. It's best to floss before bedtime. If your child finds using traditional floss difficult, there are lots of fun tools like floss picks that can make it easier for them.


Teeth cleaning:


Even if your child has no tooth issue you should still take them to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and a routine checkup. It will help remove any plaque buildup that can lead to problems like cavities. It also helps since, if dental issues are caught in their early stages, treatment can help prevent any lasting or severe issues. 


Tooth-friendly diet:


What you eat impacts your teeth. Eating foods that are rich in calcium like broccoli, dairy products, and leafy green vegetables give healthy teeth and bones. So make sure they follow a healthy diet since that will help them get the nutrients they need for good oral health. 


Say no to starchy and sugary Foods:


It's good to limit your child's sugar intake. When sugar gets on the teeth, it serves as a food source for bacteria. The bacteria converts the sugar into acids, which then leads to tooth decay and cavities. 

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