Oral Hygiene: THESE are the easy ways to keep your tongue healthy

A complete oral care means taking proper care of the tongue along with teeth and gums. Find out how you can maintain complete oral hygiene
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Whenever he clean our mouths, we tend to focus all our energy on cleaning our teeth properly. Brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush for two minutes, flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash is what most of our dental care routine looks like. Gums are taken care of by using mouth washing and rinsing our mouths thoroughly after every meal. But this is not enough since we often tend to overlook another important organ in our mouth - the tongue. The tongue helps us to taste, adds digestive salive to our food and even aids in speech! It is important to take care of our tongues too to maintain a healthy mouth and total oral hygiene! Following are a few easy ways with which you can ensure that your tongue is always healthy.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue

Just like our teeth, our tongues also collect bacteria. If you tend to ignore cleaning your tongue, you are paving the way for bad breath, loss of taste and even a change of colour of the tongue. This problem can be easily avoided by brushing (or scraping) your tongue lightly twice a day.

Quit smoking for  a healthy tongue

Smoking can not only make you taste buds flat and insusceptible to taste, it can also numb the feeling of hot and cold in the long run. But most importantly, smoking can damage the muscles of your tongue, give you a bad breath and increase your risk of oral cancer.

A healthy diet is important, too

Just like any other organ of the body, the tongue demands nutrition too. Include food with microbial properties, such as garlic, onion, ginger and coconut, to help fight the harmful bacteria in your tongue. Iron rich foods, such as spinach, seafood and poultry, can also boost tongue health.

Stay hydrated for  a healthy tongue

When you are dehydrated, your body is unable to produce enough saliva. This in turn also makes the tongue dry. Since saliva is the body’s natural way harmful bacteria from mouth to prevent teeth decay and bad breath, it’s important to drink enough water everyday to keep our tongue healthy.

Visit a dentist regularly

It’s important to visit a dentist at least twice a year to make sure that your oral hygiene is in good shape. Apart from that, you must also visit your dentist if you experience any soreness, bumps, ulcers or change of colour in your tongue.

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