Pea Protein: A complete guide to this incredible plant-based protein staple

Right from nutritional profile to possible side effects- here we bring you a complete guide on Pea Protein that you must know.

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Peas are a great plant-based source to have high-quality protein and are extremely safe to devour
Pea protein powder is acquired from dried peas

Pea protein powder is acquired from dried peas and it is basically utilised to enhance the profile of protein in numerous staples like smoothies, shakes and many more. Peas are a great plant-based source to have high-quality protein and are extremely safe to devour with almost any meal. Besides protein, this incredible pea protein powder is enriched in multiple nutrients and can do wonders on your overall health. Right from nutritional profile to possible side effects- here we bring you a complete guide on Pea Protein that you must know. 


The nutritional profile of pea protein 

Pea protein is considered a high-quality protein, which means, it consists of all nine amino acids that can strengthen your muscles while repairing any kind of wear and tear. Pea protein also contains a decent amount of iron which will add up to your heart health while enhancing the flow of blood in the body. As per the health experts “Being low in calories, carbs and fibre-pea protein is extremely light on the stomach and therefore it is one of the most effortlessly digested plant-based proteins.” Just a serving of pea protein provides an approximate of 5–7.5 milligrams of iron and because it is a dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan source, it can easily go with any kind of diet, enriching human health with multiple nutrients and health benefits. 

Health benefits of Pea Protein

  • Strengthen muscles mass

Pea protein powder assists in strengthening muscles, and adds up to muscle mass while repairing the damaged tissues that happen during strength training. In order to get excellent results, do incorporate this powder with consistent physical exercises. 

Strengthen muscles mass

  • Keeps you fuller 

Peas contain good quantities of fibre along with high-quality protein and thus promote feelings of fullness for a longer period while keeping you satiated. Moreover, it is extremely low in calories and doesn’t hold any unhealthy fats, both of which assist in shedding pounds from the body. 

  • Virtuous for kidney and heart health

As pea protein powder is free from unhealthy fats its regular consumption aid in decreasing high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which is extremely beneficial for the heart and kidney health. 

Virtuous for kidney and heart health

  • Escalate energy levels

Peas are jam-packed with enzymes which can easily be absorbed by the body and further amp up energy levels. These enzymes also assist in performing thousands of other bodily like transferring nutrients, and oxygen while amping up your energy levels. 

Are there any negative side effects?

Pea protein powder is generally considered safe as it does not embrace any harmful ingredients. It contains very low quantities of fibre and thus, does not cause any gas or bloating. Its high sodium content can create problems in the body so always watch out for the quantities of its consumption for significant health and well-being. 


Daily recommended doses 

As per the doctors, 0.73 grams of protein per pound and 1.6 grams per kg of body weight every day are quintessential for solid muscles. Make sure to pay heed to protein consumption as high quantities can lead to liver damage, high ammonia, nausea and diarrhoea. People who are involved in strength training or building muscle mass can consume it in smoothies, juices or shakes as a pre-workout drink. Here is a list of other ways to consume pea protein powder. 

  • Mix it in your oatmeal, porridge or cereal. 
  • Incorporate a spoonful of pea protein powder in milk obtained from plant-based sources 

How to consume pea protein

  • Sprinkle and mix in home-made baked food items 
  • Add the powder to the dosa, idli or even paranthas.    

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