Pecans vs Walnuts: What is the difference between these two nuts?

Pecans and walnuts are the two most popular nuts that aid in weight loss and make great snacking foods. They have certain differences in their colour, shape, taste and nutrient content.

Updated on Nov 10, 2020 05:26 AM IST  |  6.4M
Pecan and Walnut Difference
Pecans vs Walnuts: What is the difference between these two nuts?
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Pecan and walnut are both type of nuts and they look quite similar to each other as well. They make great food for snacking and are a great addition for breakfast and different desserts. They are packed with all important nutrients that reduce the risk of many chronic ailments.

They both aid in weight loss also by providing you with the feeling of satiety. However, there are certain differences between them. Take a look!

Difference between Pecan and walnut:

How do they look?

Pecans are darker than walnuts and small; walnuts have a golden or yellowish colour when removed from the shell. They are comparatively easy to crumble or ground. But pecans are smaller than walnuts and have an elongated flat shape.



One-ounce of pecans have 200 calories and a quarter of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats that we can consume every day. Walnuts have fewer calories than 200 but come with the same amount of healthy fats.


Pecans have 5 percent of protein in one serving and walnuts have double amount of proteins in it than pecans.


Pecans are packed with zinc, magnesium, potassium and vitamins A, B and E. Walnuts don’t have this variety of different types of nutrients. But they have Vitamin B.



Pecans have more dietary fibre and sugar with a slightly bitter taste, whereas walnuts have a slightly sweeter taste than pecans.


Pecans have originated from South America and Mexico and they date back to almost 16th century. Walnuts have their origin in Asia and Europe dating back to 7000 BC.


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