Pick 5 educational games for healthy brain development in Amazon's Great Indian Festival 2021

Updated on Oct 08, 2021 02:29 AM IST  |  49.7K
Pick 5 educational games for healthy brain development in Amazon's Great Indian Festival 2021
Pick 5 educational games for healthy brain development in Amazon's Great Indian Festival 2021

One should look for ways to boost metabolism within kids at an early stage. This promotes positive psychological upliftments and enhances healthy brain development. Educational games help young children to become familiar with the five types of senses. These games aim for fine motor skills, language development, strengthening of hand and finger muscles, understanding textures, improving dexterity and most importantly encourages solo play within children.


Pick these 5 educational games for healthy brain development designed especially for toddlers, infants and even teens. You may also please the kid residing within you.


1. Mattel Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is a classic word game that can expand the horizons of the players. With great vocabulary, parents can help children pave the way for easy language development. This game helps in better eye and hand coordination. It enhances the concentration and thinking abilities among kids. Nevertheless, it makes the player wise and instills confidence within them.


Price: Rs. 899

Deal: Rs. 499

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2. Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga

Jenga is a game that contains hardwood blocks. This game is all about stacking a tower with the blocks and ensures that it doesn't tumble down. Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga is meant for people of all ages. It has a hoard of benefits which improves problem solving skills, motor skills, strategic thinking abilities, cognitive performance and develops patience.


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 799

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3. Imagimake: Mapology World with Flags and Capitals

This Mapology World with Flags and Capitals is a jigsaw puzzle game that has country shaped puzzle pieces. With the purchase of this game, geography is fun. It helps the kids in learning locations, flags, and capitals of the countries around the globe. The game comes with 2 foam puzzle frames, 75 puzzle pieces, 65 flags and a sticker set. What’s better than introducing countries, their shapes, location and capitals at an early stage? 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 558

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4. Mind challenging brainvita

This pebble game is a great way to test healthy brain development, concentration levels, and thinking abilities among kids and adults. Yes, this mind challenging game is meant for people belonging to any age group. It is the best game to enhance your motor skills and energise the cognitive power of the brain. 


Price: Rs. 199

Deal: Rs. 129

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5. MONOPOLY Board Game

When you want to introduce business, economy and trading to your kids, this game is all that you need to buy. Monopoly is a board game that requires great brainstorming sessions within the play. In this mind-challenging game, players buy, sell, and trade properties to taste victory. They construct houses and hotels on properties and sometimes also taste bankruptcy. This game is a great solution in helping your child to live in a business world. 


Price: Rs. 999 

Deal: Rs. 759

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Choosing mind challenging games for kids is indeed a tedious task. But we make it easier for you to choose the best game for healthy brain development. This year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival aids in purchasing some pocket-friendly games for you and your kids. Killing boredom is easy with the purchase of these educational games.