THIS is how your weight loss diet can impact your health

A diet sounds like a great way to lose weight quickly if you are too busy to work out regularly. But what you don’t know is that it does more harm than good; Read on
THIS is how your weight loss diet can impact your health
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Weight loss normally comes at the cost of the diet. But why should you give up food to lose those inches? Is it really worth the sacrifice? In a world full of different cuisines, we give up food just to achieve an unrealistic picture-perfect body. It’s normal for women to constantly worry about losing weight and counting calories and watching their diet. This maddening obsession with diet and weight loss can be harmful to your body and your mind. This may even lead to long-term problems. Dieting is also not a full-proof way of losing weight because gaining that weight is much easier. Dieting can damage your body much more than doing any good.


This is why it’s the worst way to lose weight.

1. Dieting can lead to eating disorders because it is a result of weight obsession.

2. Dieting can affect one’s mental health. Not getting adequate food can make a person prone to mood swings and irritable behaviour. You constantly think about food because none of your cravings is satisfied and your body lacks nutrition. 

3. A person on a diet will generally have low energy due to lack of food which leads to lack of sleep as well.

4. Skipping meals and dieting can weaken your immune system and make your body prone to common illnesses.

5. The lack of proteins and nutrition lowers your metabolism rate as your body lacks its basic needs.

6. Dieting does not build any endurance and also leads to muscle loss due to lack of nourishment. You may end up looking malnourished instead of looking slim.

7. It’s much easier to gain weight that you lose via diet because you end up returning to unhealthy eating habits as soon as you stop your diet. This way you end up gaining more weight than what you lost.

8. Diets cause your hair and skin quality to degrade. Your body does not receive it’s required nourishment and is unable to provide the same for your skin and hair. Dieting can lead to hair loss and acne-prone skin. 

P.S. replacing unhealthy food with healthy nutritious food is a better diet plan than skipping meals and planning a toxic diet

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