Planning to get pregnant during coronavirus pandemic? Health experts answer

Confused about whether to plan pregnancy during coronavirus pandemic? Health experts Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia and Dr. Anagha Karkhanis are here to answer your query.
Planning to get pregnant during coronavirus pandemic? Health experts answerPlanning to get pregnant during coronavirus pandemic? Health experts answer
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The past few days have been very challenging not just for India but across the world. The spread of COVID-19 is on the rise and these uncertain times are only making us more stressed and anxious. Coronavirus spread has surely made many of us, especially women who are pregnant or planning to, more tensed as we learning new information and pieces of evidence each day about the coronavirus. Everyday new questions arise about how coronavirus and its rampant spread can affect our lives.

Unfortunately, amid this, there is a lot of misleading and false rumours on the web. So, it is important to just focus on facts and not believe in any kinds of rumours. And that's why we have asked two health experts to answer the questions regarding pregnancy amid pandemic. How safe it is to get pregnant now? Is it a bad idea to plan a pregnancy amid pandemic? Should you postpone it? If you too have same question in your mind then read on.

Planning to get pregnant: Let see what health experts have to say about it:

Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia, who is a pregnancy and lactation specialist, prenatal-postnatal fitness expert and a pelvic floor therapist and the founder of Therhappy, said, "Couples are definitely worried about the long-term impact of the pandemic on future pregnancy. As a specialist, I understand their worry and frame of mind, but there are two ways to approach this in my opinion; If the couple is mentally prepared to accept, that pregnancy during a pandemic would probably mean that they would have to deal with chances of re-scheduled or even reduced number of prenatal appointments and ultrasound visits, very restricted socialization and far more self-isolation to keep each other safe and the baby safe. Add to this way more effort towards keeping their physical and mental well-being at topmost priority, then they can still go ahead with planning a pregnancy. Being open to the idea of adapting to situations around would be the key."

"On the other hand, if either of the two amongst the couple is generally keeping very anxious about the pandemic and feel that adapting to the constant situational changes around them would be a challenge and additional stress. It’s best they reconsider pregnancy in the current scenario because overthinking and panicking would prove to be detrimental to both the pregnant mother and her baby. There is a great amount of uncertainty around things currently and if that makes one uncomfortable it’s best to wait it out.”

Dr. Anagha Karkhanis, Senior Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist and Director of Cocoon Fertility stated, "While anxiety levels are justifiably through the roof amidst a pandemic, among the peak is the level of stress and worry faced by expectant parents or those who are planning to get pregnant. This is because a pregnant woman is presumed to be at greater jeopardy owing to the fact that pregnancy tends to puts women into an immunocompromised state. This simply means that the to-be mother’s immune system, which is what combats off infections, is suppressed during pregnancy. Hence the worry of the mother or the unborn child getting the infection tends to increase."

She added, "In such a situation it is advisable that couples who are planning to start a family must not panic. By ramping up their sanitation and hygiene levels and by taking all the adequate measures, couples can safely go ahead with their planning process. We unknowingly tend to touch infected surfaces which can lead to the spreading of infection, hence if you are planning a baby it is important for you to consider hand washing at regular intervals. Along with staying hydrated, women must up the intake of immunity-boosting edibles in their diet that will positively brace the gut health and immune system. Also, as a precautionary measure, you must maintain distance from infected persons to avert from falling trap to unwanted ailments. During such health crises, your healthcare providers will leave no stones unturned in guiding you and offering you constructive advice which can further facilitate in helping your decision."

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