Powerful cleaners to kill stubborn contaminants dwelling at home

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Powerful cleaners to kill stubborn contaminants dwelling at home
Powerful cleaners to kill stubborn contaminants dwelling at home

Home cleaners are extremely important to kill all germs and bacterias that are not visible to naked eye. Why to trod in dirt and fall prey to infections when you can own effective saviours? Pick these super powerful cleaners and lessen the exposure to allergens and contaminants.

1. Natural Cleaner Liquid Spray

Natural Cleaner Liquid Spray is an all purpose cleaner. It is a great cleaning agent that is concentrated yet highly effective. It is purely made up of plant based formula which removes all dust, germs, grime and bacterias. Use it to achieve a germ free sparkling kitchen, bathroom or windows. What’s more? It has a fruitilicious flavour of mandernine for instant refreshes.


Price: Rs. 253

Deal: Rs. 192

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2. PERISAFE Kitchen Appliance Degreaser and Cleaner

This cleaner showcases its magic within 5 seconds. Just one spray and wipe it off to see if it's effective. The non-corrosive and non-toxic formula of the cleaner makes it ideal for cleaning all sorts of kitchen and technical appliances. 


Price: Rs. 385

Deal: Rs. 370

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3. Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen cleaner is mandatory to get rid of stickiness and dirt in jiffy. Kitchen platforms and surfaces are exposed to oil and innumerable cooking mess. This Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner is a magician to achieve sparkling kitchen surfaces. 


Price: Rs. 769

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4. Asian Paints Viroprotek Ultra Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Citrus flavoured floor cleaners have the power to kill all the germs and bacterias by releasing strong refreshing fragrance.This floor cleaner has a dual cleaning formula that cleans every stubborn stain of the floors. It is safe and valuable floor disinfectant.


Price: Rs. 358

Deal: Rs. 258

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5. Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner

Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner contains sodium hypochlorite that kills all the bacteria dwelling on tiles, wash basins, floor, etc. It is the most powerful cleaner that removes tough stains and releases refreshing citrus fragrance at the end. 


Price: Rs. 181

Deal: Rs. 165

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Cleaning agents are crucial to live a stress-free life by keeping allergies and infections at bay. Now you can take off the shelter from pests, germs and bacterias viciously with these super powerful cleaners. It is the time to stay safe at home too.


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