Pregnancy Tips: Here are some smart ways to deal with morning sickness

Pregnancy Tips: Pregnancy is surely a magical experience but it's also a dreading one because of the infamous morning sickness. Read below to find out how these clever ways can help you with morning sickness.
Pregnancy Tips: Here are some smart ways to deal with morning sickness
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Being pregnant is a blessing and pregnancy is a magical experience that every woman cherishes. Right from the baby's first kick to food cravings, every woman enjoys the phase of being pregnant. However, as magical as it sounds, pregnancy is also tiring for women and it's because of the infamous morning sickness. Studied to be the body's reaction to the raised production of the pregnancy hormone, many women experience symptoms of nausea, light-headedness, headaches and vomiting in the first trimester of their pregnancy. 


When it comes to morning sickness, there's no definite way of stopping it. However, there are some useful and clever ways to help you deal with it. Here are some hacks to lessen your symptoms and make your first trimester a little easier. 


1. Do not miss out on the water


When the body is not hydrated enough, it triggers nausea and vomiting and adds more to the morning sickness. Hence, consider drinking herbal teas, soothing drinks and water to keep yourself hydrated, since that helps in beating the morning sickness during the initial; months. 


2. Eat small and frequent meals


When it comes to nutrition during pregnancy, soon-to-be-mommies usually swear by the six-meal-a-day plan. It's good to follow that because eating small meals at frequent intervals saves you from the symptoms of bloating, which can make your symptoms worse. Apart from this, trying having protein-filled snacks since that helps to slow down digestion, combat nausea and gastric dysrhythmia.


3. Don't go overboard with sugar


Pregnancy cravings is something that every soon-to-be mommies go through. Right from having a large scoop of ice cream to drinking shakes and juices, pregnant women have a different type of cravings. However, pregnant women should control their sugar cravings since consuming extra calories than you need can spike nausea symptoms, lethargy and moodiness, which is not something you want. 


4. Say yes to vitamins


According to research, another incredibly helpful benefit of core supplements like vitamin B6 is its ability to fight off cramping and ease morning sickness. And other vitamins can also help you with nausea and morning sickness, so add vitamin supplements and vitamin-rich food to your diet right away. 


5. Say yes to prenatal yoga


Prenatal yoga can help the body stretch and improve the blood flow around the organs, bringing in a sense of calm too. When this happens, you can ease the symptoms of uneasiness and feel refreshed. Start your day with 10-15 minutes of vitalising yoga to get yourself going. 

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