Processed Food and Diabetes: Here’s how THESE two are linked

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Processed Food and Diabetes: Here’s how THESE two are linked

Diabetes is a health problem, where the body becomes unable to produce enough insulin and use it properly. Our body needs insulin, which regulates the levels of sugar in blood. And we need sugar in our blood to power up the cells in our body. Insulin also helps to process the glucose in our body, which comes from carbohydrates. Now, if our body is unable to produce enough insulin, glucose cannot be processed in the body, which will eventually damage all organs. Because without insulin glucose cannot do anything, not even enter the cells. That is why you need to maintain a healthy diet to control the sugar levels in your blood. Diabetic people should maintain a strict diet along with proper medication. But people without diabetes are also not safe from this danger. 

How are they connected?

Processed foods are rich in calories, fat, sugar, salt and of course a lot of carbohydrates. On the other hand, they have almost zero levels of important nutrients like fiber, minerals and vitamins. So, extra carbohydrates tend to prevent the pancreas from secreting insulin hormones properly. And the effects of it have already been discussed above. Sausages, bacon, chips, burgers, ice cream, cake mixes, chicken nuggets, instant noodles and alcohols are all considered to be processed foods. So, people with or without diabetes should be conscious of eating junk food. 


How processed foods affect diabetes

In the following ways processed or junk foods can affect your diabetes:

Affecting blood sugar level.

Weight gain.

Increasing blood pressure.

Increasing the levels of triglyceride.

Must avoid saturated and trans fat

Saturated and trans fats increase the risk of heart diseases, which are again linked to diabetes. Saturated fat increases cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood. So, these fats can make all the things even worse for diabetic people. So, here are the foods with saturated and trans fats that are not to be over consumed. 

Chicken and Turkey Skin


Dairy Products 

Ground Beef

Hot Dogs


Palm Oil

Pork, Including Sausage, Bacon, Ribs and Fatback Pork

Crackers and Chips


Fast food items including Fries

Hydrogenated Oil 


Muffins and Cakes

Tips to reduce the risk of diabetes from carbohydrates

Always go for the small size one in junk food items.

Order something without dressings and sauces.

Select something based on a salad or veggie meal.

Don't forget to order burgers without cheese. 

Order pizza that has whole-wheat thin crusts.

Try to avoid fried or breaded fish. 

Say no to sodas, smoothies and fruit juices.