Psychiatrist Dr A D Goyal shares tips to improve and protect our mental health

Along with our physical health, mental health is also important. So, we have to take care of our mental wellness to prevent all disorders. So, psychiatrist Dr Goyal shares some tips to protect ourselves.
Tips for Mental Health Psychiatrist Dr A D Goyal shares tips to improve and protect our mental health
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According to the World Health Organization, mental ailments constitute nearly one-sixth of all health-related issues and India accounts for almost 15 percent of the global mental, neuro-biological and other similar disorders. India accounts for an alarming number of approximately 2 lakh of suicides every year.

There has been an ever-rising need for people to be aware of how they can protect their mental health. So, Dr A D Goyal, Sr. Psychiatrist of shares some tips to improve and protect our mental health.

Tips to take care of your mental health:

Sound Sleep

Sleep might seem a passive activity but it is the time when our energy is restored. Sleep also helps to rejuvenate and regulate hormones. Research also suggests that sound sleep results in reduced stress, improved mood and increased energy. Sleeping for 6-7 hours per day is essential for adults.

Eat well

Healthy food is not only good for your physical health but is equally essential for good mental health. Staying hydrated and consuming a balanced diet helps to maintain proper weight, builds immunity and keep diseases at bay. This also includes avoiding junk food and consumption of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. Studies suggest cigarette smokers die around 5 to 10 years earlier in comparison to those who do not smoke.

Get going

Get proper sunlight, go for walk and include some form of exercise in your routine. According to research, daylight lowers stress levels and absence of same may lead to depressive symptoms. It is important to be physically active as it is associated with the release of happy hormones.

Explore and grow

Keep exploring your interest and try your hands in new activities. No matter what your age is, make time for your hobbies and other pleasurable activities. Interact, engage and socialise as strong interpersonal relationships contribute to having strong social support and result in happier self.


Most of our energy is consumed by our gadgets and thus it is essential to plug out from the devices and spend some time with ourselves. Self-care or “Me-time” is not limited to bubble baths or salon appointments. It includes taking a break from busy schedules, addressing your thoughts, making boundaries and going for therapy.

Though anxiety disorders are highly manageable, unfortunately, only 36.9 percent of those suffering from anxiety seek treatment. The social stigma associated with mental illness is the main reason for over 70 percent treatment gap. In a recent survey of 3,556 respondents, it was found that 62 percent people used derogatory terms such as “crazy”, “mad”, “stupid”, “careless” and “irresponsible” when asked to describe individuals with mental health issues and this mindset needs to change to build a healthy society. So, when in need to reach out for psychological aid and encourage others to do the same.

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