4 Steps for a quick detox for glowy & dewy skin after bingeing during Diwali

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detox for glowy & dewy skin
detox for glowy & dewy skin

Right from the festival of Navratri to Durga Puja and finally Diwali, most of us have enjoyed a month of festivities and indulged to our hearts content. Be it delicious food cooked in desi ghee, or a wide array of sweet treats like jalebi and laddoos; the Diwali binge-fest has certainly backtracked us from our fitness goals. However, consuming a lot of fried food and sweets can also take a toll on your skin leading to breakouts and unexpected acne. 


unwanted facial acne

Hence you may want to opt for a quick fix with a nifty post-Diwali skin detox regimen. Take a look at how you can rejuvenate your skin and body with a few simple steps-

1. Banish refined sugar from your meals

There’s no better place to begin than by cutting out refined sugar, as this tends to spike your insulin levels, which in turn results in inflammation. For the uninitiated, such inflammation can gradually make your skin saggy and wrinkled. 

This is because the inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin necessary to keep your skin smooth and supple. So it’s time to bid a tearful goodbye to desserts, sweet treats and aerated beverages.


2. Say YES to leafy greens

If you miss binge eating then stock up on red cabbage, kale, baby spinach and even methi. An excellent source of vitamin B, C, and E; these also contain omega-3s, potassium, iron and magnesium apart from minerals. Include these in smoothies or even filling salads as they shall give you a much-needed boost.


healthy leafy greens


3. Bye Bye Coffee

An excessive intake of caffeine tends to leave you dehydrated, so you might want to cut it out of your detox regimen. Add green tea or even a long swig of lemon water instead as it is graced with antioxidants that can keep wrinkles at bay.


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4. Bless your skin with all natural and chemical-free skin care

When taking special care to exclude toxins from your meals, you must ensure they’re not lathered on your skin. So, while going for a detox, you can transition from your usual cosmetic products and lotion to a simple and natural moisturizer like coconut oil. It’s laced with antibacterial properties that also let you enjoy clear skin. 


coconut oil all natural


Squeezing in a nice workout every so often and making sure you get lots of beauty sleep can also do wonders to offer you glowy skin. So, step right up and follow this guide to a T, for getting your skin health back on track!

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