Rakul Preet Singh shares a simple and effective immunity boosting drink: Here's how you can make it

Rakul Preet Singh shared the recipe of an immunity booster drink. Try the concoction and keep diseases at bay. Check it out right here.
Rakul Preet Singh shares a simple and effective immunity boosting drink: Here's how you can make it
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A healthy and a better immune system is now important than ever. For the unversed, those who have weaker immunity are more susceptible to the deadly microscopic villain COVID-19. In order to have better health and immunity, one has to incorporate healthy foods, certain superfoods, and physical activity. We have been sharing with our readers immunity-boosting foods, herbs, soups and drinks among others. Even Bollywood celebs have been sharing the same. A few days back, Rakul Preet Singh, who is one of the popular Bollywood and Tollywood actresses, took to her Instagram to share an immunity-booster drink. She shared the ingredients and the method as well. The actress revealed that it tastes perfect and is a great replacement for caffeine drinks. 

The recipe was shared with her by her friend and nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary. She posted a cute photo of herself as she enjoyed the drink. The caption of the photo reads, "We need our immunity to be at its best in times like these and what better way than to do it naturally! @rashichowdhary thanksss for the recipe. Add a pinch of ginger, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon and cloves to 500 ml water.. let it boil till it becomes half. Add organic honey if you like. It tastes so good and is perfect replacement for caffeine too!! #stayhealthy #stayhome #naturalremedies."

The best part of this concoction is that the kitchen condiments mentioned are easily available and aside from the immune system, they also aid in the overall health of our body by fighting inflammation and aiding the digestive system among others. However, make sure to have them in moderation and not abuse it by drinking often. Instead of aiding, it may backfire. 

Check out the post right below:



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Pinch of ginger
500ml Water
Honey (optional)

Boil all the ingredients together. Let it boil till it becomes half. Sieve the drink and if you want then add organic honey. 
What are your views on the same? Will you prepare the same?