Shruti Haasan's THESE fitness secrets can help you to stay fit; Check it out

Updated on Dec 24, 2019 11:55 AM IST  |  2.4M
Shruti Haasan's THESE fitness secrets can help you to stay fit; Check it out
Shruti Haasan's THESE fitness secrets can help you to stay fit; Check it out

Shruti Haasan is one of the most talented actresses in the industry and her acting skills have left her fans stunned. Other than this, she is also known to have sung for films since childhood. She has taken over the Tamil and Telugu film industry and has won numerous awards for the same. She has mastered the skills of acting and singing. But that's not all, she's also known for her amazing fitness. She has one of the fittest body and she works hard to maintain her body and stay in shape.

She is very focused on fitness and her diet. If you are looking for some fitness inspiration and motivation, Shruti Haasan makes for great fitness inspiration.

Here are Shruti Haasan's workout tips and diet plan that can help you stay fit and fab:


Shruti Haasan's workout Tips:

Since Shruti joined the industry, she has started taking her workout seriously and has been very focused and disciplined. She regularly goes running which helps her build stamina and endurance as well as core strength. 


Other than this, she also does some cardio exercises as well. She includes some dancing in her workout regime as it helps her lose weight as well as remain stress-free. All these workouts help her burn calories and strengthen her muscles and stay in shape.

Shruti Haasan's diet Plan: 

Shruti Haasan has tried her hand at crash diet and fasting as well as skipping meals which didn't work well for her body, but she soon realised how important nutrition. She keeps her meals well planned and ensures that she includes adequate nutrients in her diet. 


She maintains a balance of proteins and carbs. She includes grilled chicken and vegetables as well as South Indian food. She also keeps herself hydrated by drinking a lot of water which also helps detox her body but other than this, she also includes other beverages like coconut water and watermelon juice to suit her taste as well as hydrate her. Her diet is pretty simple and easy to follow without any hassle.  

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