Side Effects of Papaya: HERE's why you should not over consume papaya

These are the side effects of papaya that you should know right now to stay away from them. Read on to know more.
Side Effects of Papaya: HERE's why you should not over consume papayaSide Effects of Papaya: HERE's why you should not over consume papaya
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Papaya fruit belongs to the caricaceae family, which was originated from South Mexico and Central America. This fruit comes with numerous health and skin benefits. It can fight with the ageing process, aid in weight loss, regulate cholesterol levels, promote healthy skin, cures constipation, etc. This fruit is highly packed with minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Regular consumption of this fruit can bless you with an overall healthy body. Overconsumption of papaya can lead to numerous health problems. And the most prime problem associated with papaya is that it can affect a pregnant woman. So, without wasting any time, let's find out the side effects of papaya to be safe from them.

Pregnant women should avoid it
Pregnant women should always avoid eating papaya as it can harm the foetus. The high concentration of latex present in papaya may cause uterine contractions. And the papain component present in the papaya is also harmful to some membranes of our body that are important for the foetal development.

Can cause digestive problems
Papaya is rich in fibre which is beneficial for people having constipation. The skin of papaya has latex that can irritate the stomach leading to stomach pain.

People on medications should strictly avoid it

A recent research in the US National Library of Medicine said that papaya may give reactions with the blood-thinning medications leading to easy bleeding and bruising.

Lowers blood sugar
Papaya can significantly lower the sugar levels in the blood. So, if you are diabetic and on medication then do consult your doctor before having papaya.

Can cause allergic reactions
The papain present in the fruit may cause some allergic reactions. Some of the reactions are swelling, dizziness, headache and rashes and itching on skin.

Leads to respiratory disorders
The enzyme papain in papaya is a powerful allergen, excessive consumption of which may lead to severe respiratory disorders like asthma, congestion and wheezing.


It is always advised to have papaya in a limit to stay away from health problems. But if you face any problems having papaya then consult your doctor right away. 

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