Skincare: Here's how avocado can do wonders to your skin

Apart from being a super food for weight loss, avocado is great for skin too. Include avocado in your daily diet or use it in face masks to see how it helps you achieve a better skin.

Updated on Aug 27, 2019 04:00 AM IST  |  2.3M
Skincare: Here's how avocado can do wonders to your skin
Skincare: Here's how avocado can do wonders to your skin
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When it comes to avocado, there's something about this superfood that world cannot seem to stop pratting about it. It's one of the healthiest foods that we can consume. It's good for your heart, and more importantly, helps you lose weight as well. It contains a high amount of good fat which does wonders for our skin. Yes, avocado which is used to lose weight is good for achieving a flawless skin too. 

In this era, where saying no to pollution is almost impossible, and poor lifestyle choices have become regular, taking care of our skin has become secondary. Hence, if you are planning to start your skincare routine without using fancy high-end products, then include avocado in your diet. Here's how including avocados in your skin and beauty regime could be of immense help. 

Helps to achieve glowing skin:


Avocado has a plethora of essential antioxidants and vitamins that do wonders for the skin. They nourish and hydrate your skin from within, which results in a natural glow. 

Helps with ageing and wrinkles:


Avocados are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, both these vitamins are vital for healthy skin. They prevent the skin from free radical activity, an activity that makes your skin age sooner. They also contain antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that fight free radical formation and keep your skin young. 

Helps with acne:


Avocado contains lauric acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is useful for managing acne. 

Good for exfoliation:


Avocados act as a natural exfoliator. The antioxidants and minerals present in them are known to remove dead skin cells, unclogging pores and exfoliate the skin from within. 

Nourishes skin:


Antioxidants like B-carotene, lecithin and linoleic acid in avocado helps moisturise your skin, while the vitamin E could help with chapped lips too. 

Helps with soft skin:


Including avocado in your diet, applying it as a face mask will help your skin obtain some fatty acids, which helps keep your skin soft.

You can add it to your daily diet by including it in the salad or smoothies. Or you can make avocado face masks and apply it twice a week. 

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