Snacking much? HERE's how you can stop unnecessary snacking during the 21 days lockdown

Self-quarantine is surely good for our health but it's not good for our weight. If you have been snacking much after working from home, then read below to find out how you can control it.
Snacking much? HERE's how you can stop unnecessary snacking during the 21 days lockdown
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For flattening the curve and combating coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi imposed a 21-day lockdown in India across all states and union territories.  Which means, there'll be work from home, binge-watching shows and doing more of household chores. But apart from this, one thing that we all are guilty of doing is snacking constantly. Because of the current situation, we are snacking a lot more when at home, which is impacting our fitness routine.


When it comes to binge snacking, there are multiple reasons why we are doing so. Stress, anxiety, reduced social interaction and lack of physical activity lead to a lot of more emotional eating. We are snacking to repress our emotions which can be caused by isolation, anger, boredom and stress. And the food we are snacking on is all junk, which is giving pleasure to the brain but is not good for the body. 


If you are snacking a lot off lately, then here's how you can prevent yourself from snacking during this lockdown.


Understand what triggers it:


Once you understand what is causing you to snack more, you can reduce it. It can happen because of multiple reasons, hence keep a diary and log everything you eat. Also mention what you felt the last time you emotionally ate. It will find the trigger and act upon it accordingly. 


Substitute it with something else:


Once you know the trigger, you can involve yourself with other activites the next time you feel that way. It takes your mind off your feelings. Walk, meditate or do something that you like to do, like play chess or ludo. 


Be ready:


You must stay prepared for the 21 days. Do not hoard ultra-processed foods like biscuits and chocolates. Instead buy healthy so even if you do end up snacking, you eat healthily.


Don't feel guilty:


Don't feel bad even if you feel like snacking. Since it develops a negative relationship with food which might put you into a vicious cycle of snacking more. Eat healthy, snack on healthy stuff guilt-free. 


Think positive and stay calm:


Remember this is just a phase and things will get better in the future. You'll soon get back to work and do other things like before, so stay calm and stay indoors.

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