Sonam Kapoor's weight loss secret will inspire you to get fit and fab like her; Check it out

Sonam Kapoor's weight loss secret: This fashionable tinsel town beauty has been setting fitness goals as well that not many have noticed thanks to her incredible style statements which have kept us busy but if you want to get a body like Sonam Kapoor you'll have to find out her weight loss secret.
Sonam Kapoor's weight loss secret will inspire you to get fit and fab like her; Check it out
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Sonam Kapoor's weight loss journeyThe fabulous fashion diva of B-town, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is loved by all but do you know that she wasn't always as fit and fab as you know her to be? This stunning woman who has left us all breathless a number of times with her style and fashion statements was not always as fit as you see her be today. She weighed a lot more and she worked hard to go from fat to fit in order to fit into the industry.

She had PCOD and had to struggle with her weight. She was 86 kilos when before she joined the industry. She had to lose all the extra flab and shed some inches in order to get fit and fit into her first role! She wasn't always very confident with her body as you she is today.

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Her struggle with weight loss and her inspirational weight loss journey has always inspired people to get fit and stay motivated. Sonam Kapoor doesn't just set fashion goals but she also sets fitness goals with her battle! Her journey started with hours of yoga and a strict diet and if you want a little insight into Sonam Kapoor's weight loss regime, here it is!

Sonam Kapoor's workout routine: 

Sonam follows a strict workout routine which includes some weight training and pilates that help strengthen her body and improve her posture and stability. It helps her work on her balance and flexibility and helps her get leaner.



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She also includes some cardio in her routine and does some functional training as well. Sonam started with some yoga and now she's turned into a total fitness freak who works hard and trains harder to stay fit.

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Sonam Kapoor's diet plan: 

Sonam's diet started with her mother who cut down all the unhealthy foods from her diet. She kept Sonam away from sugary foods and fried foods and anything that could add to her weight. She keeps her snacks healthy with lots of dry fruits and nuts and includes a lot of fluids in her diet to keep her hydrated. She tries to keep her sugar intake minimal and prefers natural sugar over an artificial one. 

She also keeps her cheat meals comparatively healthy as she has a weak stomach and has to be careful with whats he eats. She eats 5 to 6 meals a day and keeps her food nutritious and as healthy as possible. She avoids all kinds of unhealthy junk food that can affect her shape and she follows the diet prescribed by her nutritionist. Her diet also changes as per her body's requirement.

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