Staying fit: EASY exercise ideas for seniors to remain fit and healthy

Staying fit for seniors is now easy with these exercise routines.Check them out!
Staying fit: EASY exercise ideas for seniors
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Staying active is of utmost importance for every single person to look and feel their best at every stage of their lives. Senior adults are also encouraged to live an active lifestyle to prevent heart related diseases, diabetes, reduce pain associated with arthritis, improve blood pressure levels, stay cheerful and keep their memory sharp. Exercises that involve improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength are especially beneficial to older adults. Doing a few simple exercises every day can considerably improve their health. Just remember to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine!

Proper diet, memory exercises and staying in a cheerful mood helps fight several diseases and fights age related memory loss. Staying active also keeps depression, negative thoughts and eating disorders at bay and encourages senior citizens to reamain involved with the community. Here are a few exercises you can do every day to stay fit!


Yoga and meditation is a must for seniors. Simple yoga postures and breathing exercises is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and keep your internal organs in a good shape. Doing yoga regularly also improves your posture, aids in digestion and improves balance. Doing yoga for twenty minutes every day is enough to keep you healthy for a long time!

Brisk walking

Walking is one of the easiest ways for seniors to stay fit. Going for a brisk walk every day maintains a healthy body weight, strengthens muscles and keeps lethargy at bay. A thirty minute brisk walk every day will improve your health multifolds. Walk with a group for a sense of companionship!

Tai chi

Learning a new form of martial art can be immensely fun! Sign up at a tai chi learning centre and master the form. Tai chi is a great way to exercise for its health benefits, defense training and meditative nature. Practicing tai chi can immensely improve your memory, balancing skills and sensory reception!

Simple stretching

If you have been permitted limited physical activities by your doctor, you can practice some simple stretching every day. Stretching your arms and legs for a few minutes every day will improve flexibility and range of motion in joints. Stretch at regular intervals to avoid back aches and knee pain!

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