Steps to be taken by a diabetic person to thrive in the new normal

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has made the life of people with diabetes difficult. Know what lifestyle changes should people with diabetes incorporate during this pandemic.

Updated on Jul 09, 2021 09:55 AM IST  |  388.9K
Steps to be taken by a diabetic person to thrive in the new normal
Steps to be taken by a diabetic person to thrive in the new normal
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Recent reports from the Government of India estimate that around 12 percent of Indians have diabetes. The data indirectly suggests that almost every Indian has at least one close friend or a family member who has diabetes. 


One of the most challenging things that people with diabetes have to face is the dramatic change in their lifestyle. Fortunately, with much research going on, people with diabetes can now lead a normal life. However, the outbreak of the virulent novel coronavirus has again made the life of people with diabetes difficult. So, how can people with diabetes thrive in the new normal?


What changes should people with diabetes incorporate to avoid developing complications? 

India has been affected adversely by the pandemic, and people with diabetes are at higher risk. So, they need to incorporate the following lifestyle and dietary changes to avoid developing complications:

Exercise Daily: Although the movement is restricted in lockdown, people with diabetes must exercise regularly indoors. Include some yoga exercise and brisk walk indoors for at least half an hour everyday.

Eat healthy food: In a lockdown, many people cannot access fresh green vegetables. But people with diabetes must ensure that they include at least 2 servings of green leafy vegetables in their diet along with fibre-rich food.  Also, people with diabetes must avoid eating high starch content food as they may spike blood glucose levels significantly.

Avoid getting stressed: It is quite normal for people to get stressed and apprehensive during a pandemic. But did you know stress affects your blood glucose levels adversely? Stress shoots blood glucose levels, the increased blood glucose levels can further lead to complications related to diabetes.

Get enough sleep: People with diabetes must sleep for at least 6-8 hours. Adequate sleep has a positive effect on people with diabetes. Sleep relaxes the body and reduces stress. People with diabetes must get adequate sleep every night as partial sleep deprivation for even a night can cause insulin resistance.


Ensure adequate hydration: People with diabetes must ensure adequate hydration and include home pressed juice, buttermilk, and milk in their drinks. Adequate hydration ensures proper electrolyte balance in the body.

Get proper shoes: People with diabetes should ensure to wear well fitted comfortable shoes to avoid any cut or injury that can later cause complications.

The pandemic has affected people across the globe but people with diabetes are the ones who got hit the worst. But in this new normal, incorporate a new beginning of healthy changes in your life to keep any complications related to diabetes at bay.

About the author: Dr Dharmendra Panchal, MD, Fellow Diabetes India, Diabetes Care Hormone Clinic 

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