Stress Buster: 3 Tips to fight unhealthy stress

Updated on Nov 25, 2021 01:02 PM IST  |  127K
Ways to fight unhealthy stress
3 Tips to fight unhealthy stress

Do the thoughts of the missed promotion haunt you? Or do you feel stressed about what if the boss doesn’t like your presentation? All this is unhealthy stress. While it is essential to worry about your work and do something about it, angsting unnecessarily, that too, when you know it’s something that you can’t control is something that gets counted under unhealthy stress.

So, if you are one of those who can't help but get under the influence of bad stress, here are a few ways that will help you beat it and stay healthy.

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Be optimistic

Begin with being optimistic. Don’t think of how wrong things can go, at times. Instead, focus on what if things go perfect. You attract what you think. Hence, instead of being pessimistic about missed opportunities, think about how can you make the best of whatever opportunities you have got. If you will continue to worry about things that are not under your control, it will make you feel exhausted and will create negative vibes around you. Optimism is the best medicine for conquering your fears and excelling at your job.

optimism is key

Put your best foot forward

Don’t get demotivated thinking about what might not happen. Focus on your goal and work hard towards it. Once you are able to do it, you can beat unhealthy stress. It will help you focus more and work even better.

Don’t think about the results

While working towards something your focus has to be on your target and not on the result that it bears. Constantly worrying about the results give you unhealthy stress and may even distract you. Hence, focus on what you want to do and how you want to go about it. This will keep your vision clear and you will be hopeful of achieving your goals sooner than later.

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