Suffering from Arthritis? THESE are the food items you should avoid right away

If you are someone or know someone suffering from Arthritis, then you must avoid eating these food items right away. These food items can cause inflammation and worsen the pains.
Suffering from Arthritis? THESE are the food items you should avoid right awaySuffering from Arthritis? THESE are the food items you should avoid right away
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What we eat makes a huge difference in our body. Food items like green leafy vegetables, brown rice, root vegetables like carrot, beetroot can do wonders to our body, while fried foods, sugar syrups can harm our body in multiple ways. When it comes to our body, we should try and consume anti-inflammatory foods and avoid inflammatory food. 


When it comes to avoiding food for the well-being, there are certain items that one should avoid for Arthritis. Arthritis is a condition which causes inflammation in joints. There are different types of arthritis which can be treated with medications. Apart from taking medications, people suffering from arthritis also need to take care of the food that they are eating, since inflammatory foods trigger joint pain. When it comes to Arthritis, patients need to be extra careful with what they eat and how much they eat. 


Read below to find out food items that you avoid or limit the consumption of if you are suffering from Arthritis. 


Dairy products:


The consumption of dairy products should be avoided by people suffering from arthritis. The protein content in dairy products can irritate tissues around joints. Instead of consuming dairy products that are rich in protein with protein-rich veggies like spinach, nuts kinds of butter, tofu and beans.


Less salt:


It's difficult to eat food without salt, but Arthritis patients should make sure that they limit the consumption of salt in their diet. Not only salt but foods with extra preservatives should be avoided too. They may also result in inflammation in joints.


Avoid red meat:


Red meat is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and can trigger joint pain and inflammation. Arthritis patients should limit the in consumption to once a week. 


Refined carbs:


Products such as white bread, white pasta, crackers fall in the category of refined carbs. Refined carbohydrates, also called refined grains, cause a spike in blood glucose, which has been shown to increase inflammation in the body.


Fried food items:


Fried foods are inflammatory and are made with oils high in omega-6 fatty acids. It is okay to consume it in moderation, but the excess of fried food items disrupt the balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in your body, which can increase inflammation and therefore worsen arthritis.

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