Suffering from back pain for work from home? Here’s how you can get relief from it

You must be having moderate back pain for working from home during this lockdown period. Cure the pain before it becomes severe. Read on to know what doctors are saying about it and how you can reduce the pain.
Suffering from back pain for work from home? Here’s how you can get relief from it
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Are you suffering from back pain? Well, since everyone is working from home right now due to the lockdown period, so sitting for a long time in the same posture can cause back pain. You might have made several plans to do workout and change sitting postures while working from home. But at times, sitting and working for a long time makes us lazy when we barely maintain any strict fitness routine. As a result, it may cause several health issues along with severe back pain.

Earlier, people would blame full-time office jobs for this back pain. But now they wake up and start working from their couch. There are hardly any movements right now which people used to do while going to the office like walking, travelling, etc.

What causes back pain?

According to doctors, sitting for a long time, not doing any workout, not moving around causes serious trouble like body ache, muscle pain along with the back pain. Back pain is also associated with neurological symptoms like numbness and tingling.

What is the doctor's advice?

To reduce the back pain, doctors always advice to change the sitting postures, move around for some time, put a thin pillow on the seat, take a short break after one hour, elevate the laptop, etc. Along with these, people should also practice yoga, muscle strengthening and stretching exercising, walking, etc. Maintaining a healthy diet plan along with some salads in it is also important to stay fit. For working from home, use a chair and table and not couch or bed.

Some experts say that Suryanamaskar is perfect for stretching, strengthening and flexibility. And it doesn’t require a lot of space for performing as running or jogging does.


What are the other exercises for back pain?

Along with Suryanamaskar, you can also perform the following easy exercises to combat the back pain while working from home:

Quadruped arm and leg raise.


Seated glute stretches.


Side plank.


Cat and camel stretches.

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