Suffering from chronic Neck Pain?THESE home remedies will help deal with it

Neck pain can actually give you sleepless nights and in order to get rid of that pain, try these home remedies at home. These home remedies will not only help you with neck pain, but they'll also help you with shoulder pain.
Suffering from chronic Neck Pain?THESE home remedies will help deal with itSuffering from chronic Neck Pain?THESE home remedies will help deal with it
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Pain in the neck occurs due to several reasons. Wrong sleeping posture, stress, wrong exercise, lying on an extremely soft mattress and muscle pull are some of the causes of neck pain. Neck pain results in a sharp ache in the neck and shoulder areas. It might also cause numbness, headache and stiffness. It'll act as a hindrance in your daily activities, and bad neck pain can spoil your mood and give you unwanted stress. 


The ideal way to deal with neck pain is by booking an appointment with a chiropractor. However, if the pain is not that bad and can be handled, then you should try these home remedies. These remedies will help you with the pain and will loosen up your body in no time. 




Exercise can help massively with neck pain. Do stretching exercises, that'll make your neck and back flexible, it will also reduce the stiffness. Do simple neck rotating exercises at home for 20 minutes, to relieve the pain and relax the muscles. 


Essential Oils:


Oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, basil oil and Cyprus oil has a soothing effect on the muscles. They have anti-inflammatory properties which help with the pain. They relax the mind and reduce neck pain effectively. They also stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Take one drop of each essential oil and blend it well. Apply it on the neck and massage it for a few minutes. Do not forget to dilute it in the normal oil.


Apple Cider vinegar:


The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties present in the apple cider vinegar will reduce the neck pain and stiffness. In a bowl take some cider vinegar, soak a small napkin in the bowl and place it on your neck. Then leave it for an hour. Do this twice a day to get relief from the pain.


Massage therapy:


A massage can heal any pain in the body. It stimulates blood flow and reduces pain. A good massage helps you sleep better too. Mix olive, mustard and coconut oil in a bowl. Warm it up a bit and massage your neck with it. Repeat this every morning and see the result yourself. 




Use Epsom salt for your neck pain. It includes sulfate and magnesium, which helps in regulating several enzymes in the body. It increases blood circulation and lessens stress and muscle tension. Add some salt in the bathtub and fill it with warm water. Soak in the water twice a day to get instant relief. 




Neck pain can be caused due to stress, and yoga is the best way to reduce stress. Find out what stresses you and follow relaxation techniques, such as meditation and yoga, to get rid of the pain. 


Follow these remedies and do let us know which one was the most effective in the comment section below. 

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