THESE are the 5 health benefits of fennel seeds

Also known as saunf, it is a common Indian spice that is found in many households in the country. It can be used for several reasons, mostly as a mouth refresher but this seed spice has various health benefits as well. Find out more about fennel seed health benefits.
THESE are the 5 health benefits of fennel seeds
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Commonly known as saunf in Indian households, fennel seeds are flavourful seeds that have a dash sweetness to it with a minty flavour. It is most commonly used as a mouth refresher after meals but they also have an array of health benefits.

Fennel seeds are largely grown in states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat making India the largest exporter of fennel seeds in the world. No meal is complete without finishing it with a pinch of saunf to refresh your tastebuds, but not many are aware of its multiple health benefits.

Here are 5 key health benefits of the famous spice fennel seeds.

Improves women’s menstrual health

They are helpful in reducing menstrual pain and cramps in women. It also reduces symptoms like nausea and dizziness in women during this time of the month. It is also effective in treating PMS that occurs before the menstrual cycle.

Regulates blood pressure

If you want to keep your blood pressure at bay then start by chewing fennel seeds. They are a natural home remedy to your blood pressure level normal. Since fennel seeds are high in potassium, it controls your heart rate and blood pressure.

Helps in constipation or bloating

If you are having indigestion problems, bloating, constipation then simply chew on fennel seeds to soothe the gastric pain in the stomach. Fennel seeds contain estragole, fenchone and anethole that help to reduce inflammation.

Reduce asthma and congestion

People suffering from asthma or cough congestion can consume fennel seeds to keep clear asthma, sinus and congestion. If you are suffering from bronchitis or sinus then consider using fennel seeds in your meals to help aid this.

Cure for acne

People having acne problems due to overheating in the body can consume fennel seeds. These help in cooling down the body and provide your body with minerals like zin, calcium and selenium. It will give your skin a healthy glow, especially during winters.

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