THESE are the advantages of consuming raw Sunderban honey

Sunderban honey has a white foam layer on it which is a sign of raw unprocessed honey. It has a very woody and unique taste and is pure and unadulterated. Here are some more advantages of consuming Sunderban honey.

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THESE are the advantages of consuming raw Sunderban honey
THESE are the advantages of consuming raw Sunderban honey
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Sunderban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The honey which is cultivated here by Maulis (honey collectors) addressed in Bengali, often risk their lives in the peak season to collect honey, armed with nothing but a prayer to Bon Bibi (the Forest Goddess). The honey collected has a very unique, distinctive woody and mangrove taste to it. The consistency of the honey is thin and liquid-like due to the presence of the mangroves and humid weather throughout the year. 

The honey is usually golden in colour and has a white foam layer formed on it. Forming of white foam on the honey is actually a very good sign of raw unprocessed and unheated honey. The Sunderban honey is quite different to the usual thick honey found in the mountains, this is because the climate in other places is dry, whereas in the case of Sunderbans, it is humid and moist. The region is very well known for its honey today. 



Furthermore, there are several advantages of consuming raw Sunderban honey stating down a few:

Anti-oxidant Sunderban honey is a rich source of antioxidants.

Fat burning. 
Raw honey consumption in the right proportion can stimulate fat burning.

Anti-bacterial. Raw sunderban has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property.

It also helps in building immunity, which is imperative at these unprecedented times like Covid19.

Hibiscus honey when applied on the face acts as a natural anti-ageing and skin nourishing applicant.

It also helps in increasing digestion

Most of us think or rather believe that thick honey is the purest form of honey, however, that is not true, consistency of the honey depends on the region and the climate. Sunderban honey is found in the purest form from the deep mangrove forests. The honey derived is thin and has a liquid-like consistency because the mangrove trees are underwater for most of the year.


The advantages of Sunderban honey are:

1) A tablespoon of honey with tea or lemonade in the morning reduces your intake of artificial sugar.

2) Honey mixed with ajwain or sitopaladi or any powered immunity booster helps you fight the current pandemic.

3) Natural honey is a little less sweet in comparison to artificial honey. It acts as the healthiest form for salad dressing or healthily desserts and granola bars.

4) Our very own hibiscus honey acts as a skin cleanser and natural anti-ageing treatment.

About the author: Ayush Sarda is the Founder of Sweetness of Ethics

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