THESE are the common myths about yoga that you should stop believing

There are several myths and misconceptions about yoga and today we are dispelling some of the common ones. Read on to know more.
yoga,Health & Fitness,yoga myths,myths about yogaTHESE are the common myths about yoga that you should stop believing
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Yoga is an ancient practice that helps to improve physical and mental well being. The term yoga is derived from verb root called Yuj which means joining. Yoga is actually a union of body, mind, and soul. When these elements of an individual are joined cohesively our true personality emerges, there will be self-realization and awakening of the awareness within. There several direct and indirect health benefits such as better immunity, good for high blood pressure and diabetes patients, which improves your nervous and digestive system among others. It also helps to battle depression, anxiety, and stress among others. 

And that's why it is advised that one should take out some time to do meditation, yoga asanas and pranayamas. However, there are certain misconceptions around yoga in the minds of people and these myths have been keeping people away from it. Today we are debunking some of the common ones. We asked Janhavi Patwardhan, Yoga Instructor, Sarva & Diva Yoga to share some of the common myths that she is aware of.

Yoga is slow and boring: This myth is pretty common but contrary to this belief there are several forms of yoga (ashtanga vinyasa yoga, power yoga etc.) that are fast-paced, energetic and keep you on your toes throughout.

Yoga is all about flexibility: This isn't true either. Yoga when done regularly and dedicatedly builds lean muscle and strength. Yoga postures and breathing techniques also help manage weight and other hormonal issues.

Yoga is only asanas(postures): Yoga is much beyond physical asanas or postures. Yoga is the journey that starts with the physical body and travels inwards towards the subtler self. These practices include cleansing technique(kriyas), Asanas(postures), pranayama(breathing practices), mudras and bandhas (gestures and physical locks) and Dharana, dhyana, samadhi (different levels of meditative practices) among others.

Other misconceptions which are quite prevalent

Yoga belongs to the Hindu religion: This is one of the most common misapprehensions about yoga. Yoga is a way of life and a holistic scientific approach to living life to the fullest and has nothing to do with any religion let alone Hinduism. It is about body, mind, and soul and we know that these factors exist in all human beings irrespective of religion. 

Yoga is only for young people and for women: Anyone can do yoga irrespective of age and gender. You just require dedication and regular practice. Anybody can start practicing it and at any age under the guidance of a teacher. There are people who are above 60 years and still can do complex postures.

Yoga is not for asthmatics: Breathing exercises of Pranayama are actually beneficial for them as it can help to get a good amount of oxygen which can reduce the effects of illness. So, in short, yoga can have a therapeutic effect on asthmatics.

Yoga is not a real workout: This rumour seems like started by someone who has not really attended a yoga class as modern yoga requires physical strength, there are several muscles and core engagement. The best part is that yoga not only engages your physical body but also exercises your mind and spirit. After the session, you will be tired and sweating out in your mat for sure. 

Yoga poses should be difficult as they are better: Every pose even simpler ones has its own set of benefits. However, the myth of hard is better could have been stemmed from Insta-worthy yoga poses. People tend to think that only difficult poses can be effective in nature. Instead one should focus on poses best suitable for themselves and instead of trying for hard ones, focus on your own progress.

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