THESE are the symptoms of depression for self examination and ways to cope with it

There are certain symptoms of depression through which one can understand if he or she is dealing with certain mental health issues. So, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS, MD Psychiatrist also Founder and Director at The Happy Tree, talks about the symptoms and the ways to cope with depression.
Symptoms of Depression Condition THESE are the symptoms of depression for self examination and ways to cope with it
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Dealing with this massive pandemic that has been spread worldwide, there is no doubt that we all are suffering a lot. And with being at home, fewer activities, less social interactions, we all have started feeling ‘depressed’. Now, sadness is a phase that ends in some days but when we say depressed, this term is not the usual sadness. Depression is a medical condition in which a person feels mentally ill and incapable of taking decisions, functioning in a normal way, get proper sleep, etc. To make it simpler for you, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS, MD Psychiatrist also Founder and Director at The Happy Tree, talks about how can you do a self-examination of depression and cope with it.


Feeling sad or low all the time

If you are feeling this way almost every day and in most parts of your day, then it is a concern. You might often find yourself sitting alone, thinking about something, and lose track of where you are and what you are doing. 


Lack of interest

If you have no interest in doing something that you love doing generally like dancing, cooking, reading, etc., then it’s a matter of concern. When you are sad and you do your favourite activities, you will feel good but if it is a case of depression, no matter what you do, you would not feel good.


Inability to focus on anything you do and take decisions

Have you ever found yourself sitting and doing something and then you completely zone out? Well, if this is happening with you a lot, it might be a sign that you have depression. Also, in depression, you are not able to make the simplest decisions on your own like what to eat for lunch.


Sleeplessness or oversleeping

In depression, either a person eliminates sleeping and keeps overthinking or he or she sleeps their way out to avoid social contact and interactions.


Feeling tired all the time

You might not be doing anything in the entire day and yet feel so exhausted. This is exactly what depression does to you. That is only because even if you are not doing anything physically, your mind is constantly thinking and that is how you feel so tired.


Feeling demotivated and hopeless

In depression, there is a feeling of hopelessness and no motivation at all. You would feel hopeless no matter what you do, it won’t make a difference, hence, you ditch the idea of trying too.


Feeling worthless and guilty

When a person is depressed, he or she is always thinking about how bad they are, they have a lot of self-doubts and guilts.


Not feeling hungry or overeating

Change in appetite is a major issue that happens in depression.


Thinking about death a lot

When you feel low all the time, you have no hopes and motivation, you would eventually think that ending your life is the best and simplest option.


So, these were all the important symptoms by which one can know if they are sad or not. Now, to practice self-test and know if it is depression, you take a note of all the symptoms listed above and see if any of those or maybe all of them are happening a lot in recent time. There are a lot of online tests available for you to see if you have this medical problem or not. Though they are not always reliable, you must get medical help. Lastly, depression is not a problem that cannot be fixed. It is a mood disorder that can be treated with the right counselling, activities and medication. So, do not worry at all. If you know you have depression, it is a battle half won.


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