THESE are the ways you can add dates to your diet for weight loss

Dates are a beneficial fruit for our health which improves many health conditions and also aids in weight loss. So, here’s how can you add them to your diet for shedding extra kilos.
THESE are the ways you can add dates to your diet for weight loss
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Dates are sweet edible fruits of the date palm plant. These fruits have been a staple food for the Middle East and Indus Valley for thousands of years. Dates have many health benefits and make great snacking food as well.

So, it is necessary to eat dates regularly. If you have 3 dates each day, then they will work wonders for your body improving many health issues. So, here’s how can you include dates to your weight loss diet plan.

Weight loss with dates:

Dates have many health benefits that effectively aid in weight loss. Here’s how:

1.Dates are packed with fibre or good carbs that give you the feeling of satiety. It also prevents a sudden spike of blood glucose and fats absorption.

2.They have unsaturated fatty acids that reduce inflammation which is responsible for obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. So, the fatty acids aiding in weight loss.

3.It is a potential source of protein that satiates your hunger thus aiding in weight loss by reducing sudden hunger pangs. Protein is also important to build and repair muscle.

4.Dates have antioxidants that keep you safe from free radical damage and reduce inflammation. They remove toxins, improve digestion and metabolism which is a key to weight loss.

Different ways to have dates

There are many exciting ways to make dates tastier such as following:

1.Remove the seed out of it and fill it with walnuts or any other dry fruits.

2.You can also add chopped dates to your salads and or any desserts to avoid refined sugar.

3.Add the dates to milk, custard, yoghurt, dips, cakes, etc. But make sure you don’t use any refined sugar in it.

It is good to have 4-6 dates every day to satisfy your sweet tooth without having any bad calories. This will eventually help in weight loss.

Dates and milk diet

This is a unique type of diet where you need to have 2 dates and milk in your breakfast and eat 2 dates in lunch and dinner with full meals. But talk to your dietician before consuming them.

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