THESE health tips can help you to remain hydrated during the winter season; Check it out

Wintertime does not mean that you won't get dehydrated. The chilly weather can dehydrate you more than the summertime.

Updated on Dec 24, 2019 02:09 PM IST  |  924.2K
THESE health tips can help you to remain hydrated during the winter season; Check it out
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The winter season is here and nows the time when we all focus on staying warm. From warm clothing to warm beverages and delicious warm food, we need all of it to keep us healthy and warm during this chilly season but that's not all. Winter is harsh for our bodies as well as our skin. Itchy scalp and dry skin and scratchy throat and all the cough and cold often take a toll on our body. But there's one big thing that most of us fail to notice during winters and that's our water intake. We all simply assume that dehydration happens only during summers and not during winters but it actually does. Because it's cold we all just feel that we're hydrated but the dryness in the chilly air dries up our body but we just don't feel thirsty because of the cold weather. But it's very important to watch our fluids intake and ensure that we get enough water to keep our body hydrated and healthy. Not sweating doesn't mean that you're not losing water because when you breathe in the cold air you lose water due to the dryness in the air. This is why it's important to look out for signs of dehydration during winters and take steps to prevent it.


Here are some tips to prevent winter dehydration:


1. Set an alarm or a reminder that reminds you throughout the day to drink water and stay hydrated. Keep a tab on your thirst or simply sip on water between regular intervals. This helps your body remain hydrated and healthy.


2. Don't simply focus on drinking water. Water isn't the only hydrating liquid available to you. Your food also contains water in some form or the other. You can always consume other beverages like fresh juices and coconut water and such to keep yourself hydrated. You can also have fruits with high water content to prevent dehydration.


3. Keep a check on your urination. When your urine is yellower than usual, it means that you're dehydrated and your body needs more fluids. In such a case, consume more fluids to restore the hydration.


4. Remember to never overdo it. Sometimes in order to be careful, we end up doing a lot of damage. Try not to drink too much water. Overhydration can lead to bloating and low sodium content in the body.


5. Avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol because it dehydrates your body. Instead, replace it with things like soup and tea and healthy beverages which help keep you warm and hydrated at the same time.


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