THESE home remedies can help you treat gum ache and toothache

Updated on Dec 23, 2019 02:26 PM IST  |  1.1M
THESE home remedies can help you treat gum ache and toothache
THESE home remedies can help you treat gum ache and toothache

Having a toothache or gum ache is pretty common in today's time. We often fail to take adequate care of our teeth and gums. It's always important to see a doctor when you have pain or swelling in a tooth or gums. This could be hinting towards bigger trouble. Little brushing mistakes like brushing too hard and sometimes just little deficiencies can lead to a lot of gum or even toothache. But you don't always have to suffer in pain because you can always soothe your gums and teeth with home remedies while you see your doctor instead of simply suffering in pain.

But at the same time, it's also important to understand when it's time to rush to your doctor. Don't solely rely on home remedies to treat your pain but they can always be your saving grace while you get your appointment with your dentist. 

Here are some easy and quick home remedies that can provide some relief from toothache or gum ache:


1. Salt Water


Add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Mix it well and take a sip of this water and swish it around in your mouth like a mouth wash. Gargling with salt water helps cleanse your mouth and teeth and clears anything that may be stuck in your teeth causing you pain. It also kills bacteria and cleanses your gums and reduces swelling as well.

2. Cold Compress


Take an ice pack and wrap it in a clean cloth and put it against your mouth where your teeth hurt or your gums ache. Do not put it directly on your gums or your teeth. If you don't have an ice pack, you can simply use ice. This helps reduce swelling and pain.

3. Peppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is known to have a soothing impact and it also has a cooling effect. A cup of peppermint tea can do wonders for your tooth or gum ache. You can always use the warm tea bag or simply cool it for a while and apply it to the affected area. This will help reduce the pain and keep you sane.

4. Turmeric


Turmeric is known to be a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory herb. It has been used for medicinal purposes for ages and it can help relieve pain and inflammation. It's also known to kill bacteria. You can either drink a glassful of turmeric milk or make a paste of turmeric powder and water and apply it on your gums.

5. Clove


Clove can help treat gum ache and toothache like a wonder herb. You can use some clove oil mixed with a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area with a cotton pad or a cotton ball. You can also use clove oil mixed with water and gargle with it or you could simply keep a clove in your mouth and keep sucking on it.


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