THESE weird habits might be the reason behind your expanding waistline

Waistline expansion can happen due to multiple reasons. Read below to find out some daily weird habits that can cause expansion of waistline and some tips to get back in shape.
THESE weird habits might be the reason behind your expanding waistline THESE weird habits might be the reason behind your expanding waistline
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We do everything we can to maintain our waistline, but sometimes despite following a diet, we tend to gain weight which then results in expansion of the waistline. While, sedentary lifestyle, wrong lifestyle choices can be blamed for that, there are other reasons too that are responsible for the waistline. There are many reasons other than food habits which lead to expanding waistline. Some reasons are unknown to us but are the most common ones. 


If you have been gaining weight off lately and your favourite jeans don't fit you anymore, then this might be one of the reasons. Read below to find out how these daily weird habits contribute to the expansion of the waistline.


Check out the signs and make sure to change it for your betterment. 


Long commute:


As per research, the longer you travel to the job, the wider your waistline tends to be. It is so because you dedicate more time in travelling, which leaves you with little or no time to workout. So what you can do instead is, if your office is not that far, you can use cycles to go to your office, if possible.


Calcium deficiency:


Consuming calcium-rich foods not only help the muscles, but they are also proven to reduce your waistline and flatten your belly. Calcium keeps you full for long and thus, prevents cravings and excess eating. 




When you stress over things, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which increases fat deposition around your waist and belly. Focus on yourself, practice self-love and stay away from things and people that cause any kind of stress. 


Sleep deprivation:


Improper sleep cycle not only makes you more tired but also expands your waistline. The later you sleep the chances of binging on unhealthy snacks at night is more. Try sleeping and waking up on time, to maintain general well-being. 


Watching food videos:


Viewing food videos increases your urge to eat food. The hunger pangs are a result of boredom and not pure hunger. Try reducing your cravings and watch food videos only after you are full. 


The simplest way out to maintain your waistline is by watching your food choices and dedicating quality time to work out. Stay away from junk food and satiate your cravings by eating more fibre rich food and stay hydrated always.

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