Thyroid Awareness Month: 3 Yoga asanas to help you improve thyroid functions and boost metabolism

Since we are in the month of January that is known for spreading awareness about thyroid. We took an opportunity to speak with Grandmaster Akshar to share inputs with us on how to improve thyroid functions and help boost metabolism by following 3 simple yoga asanas. Find out more.
Thyroid Awareness Month: 3 Yoga asanas to help you improve thyroid functions and boost metabolism
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Every third person in India is diagnosed with a thyroid oriented health concern and hypothyroidism is known to be one of the most common forms of thyroid imbalances.


The thyroid gland releases hormones that regulate metabolism in our bodies. Hypothyroidism hits when our thyroid glands don’t produce hormones in the amounts required by the body.

In simpler words, hypothyroidism signifies slowed metabolic processes in the body or an inactive thyroid gland. Generally, hypothyroidism is characterized by sudden weight gain, muscle weakness, puffy or swollen faces and unusual bowel movement in the form of constipation.

Women are usually more prone to thyroid imbalances as 1 in every 8 women is known to develop thyroid diseases. Unchecked or untreated hypothyroidism leads to infertility and menopause issues in women, heart diseases and mental decline. Additionally, it is known to cause birth defects in unborn children as well. 


Poor lifestyle choices like inadequate sleep and water consumption and a diet that does not cater to all nutrition requirements of the body is a contributing factor to thyroid imbalances. However, one of the most prominent causes is the lack of physical activity. 


Popping a pill is an easy and convenient option. However, it only provides temporary relief to an issue that needs proper attention and care as hypothyroidism must be treated where the problem first began, in the thyroid gland.

The thyroid can be treated with efficient Yoga postures. Read on to know these yoga asanas shared by grandmaster Akshar from an institute practising Himalayan techniques of Yoga, Akshar Yoga Ashram.

1. Veerabhadrasana- Warrior pose

Steps to perform: Begin in downward-facing dog pose. Bring right leg in between palms such that knee and ankle are in one line. Place the left heel on the floor and lift both hands up and twist pelvis towards the left side. The upper body must face right side, hands outstretched sideways, look at the right hand. Repeat with left leg.

2. Setuasana- Bridge pose

Steps to perform: Begin by sitting with your legs extended forward- place hands behind you with palms on the floor, fingers facing forward, lift legs and pelvis off the floor, legs must be straight- lift the upper body off the floor- feet must be on the floor, elbows must be straight- arch your back and tilt your neck back.

3. Naukasana- Boat pose

Steps to perform: Begin by lying on your back- lift your upper body off the floor at 45-degree angle- balance body weight on hips and lift legs at 45-degree angle- keep legs straight at eye level.


While these asanas are simple, it is recommended to practice them under the guidance of a qualified yoga master.

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