Thyroid Awareness Month: Learn this cat cow pose that helps you to stimulate Thyroid

January is Thyroid awareness month and we are here to give you tips on how to improve your overall well being and health conditions to combat thyroid. Grandmaster Akshar tells us about this yoga posture that will help you to stimulate the thyroid.
Thyroid Awareness Month: Learn this cat cow pose that helps you to stimulate Thyroid
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The thyroid is a small gland that is found at the base of your neck. It regulates the metabolism of your body and if thyroid diseases may occur in the human body due to certain reasons. In order to prevent people from developing any health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and infertility. The thyroid needs to be under regular check. Let us look at one of the yoga poses shared by grandmaster Akshar to help stimulate the thyroid.

The Cat-Cow Pose is not one but two separate poses. Known in Sanskrit as Urdhva Mukhi Marjari asana and Adomukhi Marjariasana, this is one of the most important yoga postures that can help balance the thyroid gland. The transition of the movement from cat pose to cow pose provides stimulation to the thyroid gland by compressing and stretching it. This activates the thyroid and keeps it functioning in a healthy manner.  The cat cow pose offers effective stretching for the spinal column. This arching and curving motion of the spine also stimulates internal organs like the digestive tract, it stretches the heart and the lungs and provides relief from back pain and sciatica.

This pose is known for its benefits of aiding the circulation of spinal fluid. This movement of Cat-Cow pose is believed to increase mental clarity and boost your energy levels. Keep your awareness on your throat area as you move through this pose.

Formation of the Posture: Step by Step Instructions

Come into a table top position on all fours

Align your wrists directly under your shoulders and keep your knees underneath your hips.

Calibrate your weight by moving forwards and backward and side-to-side.

After a few times, slowly return to the centre making sure that you have placed equal weight on all four limbs.

Inhale and allow your belly to fill up with airdropping it towards the mat.

Simultaneously, lengthen your neck and throat by looking up toward the ceiling

Exhale and bring your navel towards your spine.

Now, lift and round your spine toward the ceiling tucking your chin into your chest

Breathe with awareness aligning movement with breath

Repeat for 8 times

Release by going into Balsana or Child’s Pose

The fluid movement of the spine has a positive impact on your overall health. This movement of cat to cow helps you to draw the chin towards your chest. This exposes the throat chakra increasing the blood flow to this area. Try to perform this movement of cat to cow pose for a minimum of 8 times and repeat it in sets of 3. This can be done two to three times a day in the morning and in the evening or even before you go to bed at night.

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