Top 20 tell tale signs that show you are getting old

Ageing process is a natural for humans. So, here are the top 20 signals to understand if you are getting old.
Top 20 tell tale signs that show you are getting old
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After a certain time, our ageing process starts and we become old. A lot of things change at this point and one of the main aspects of it is the physical change. From our body to face and hair, everything is changed which gives us the signal that we are getting old.

So, here are top 20 tell-tale signs to understand that your ageing process has started. You’re getting old! But don’t panic about these signs as these are all natural. Instead, take care of yourself, eat healthy, workout regularly and be happy.

Top 20 signs you are getting old:

1. You often forget people’s names.

2. You are facing a lot of hair fall.

3. You feel very stiff sometimes.

4. You groan every time while bending down.

5. You tend to talk a lot about your joints and ailments.

6. You often forget your bags, keys, glasses anywhere.

7. You have more hair on your ears, nose, face, eyebrows.

8. You don’t want to lift heavy things on your back.

9. You don’t like to go to any noisy pub at all.

10. You often talk about incidents referring to “during my days”.

11. It is now tough for you to sit on the floor cross-legged.

12. You fall sick more frequently.

13. You tend to complain about a lot of things.

14. You now choose clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style.

15. You find it tough to use technology.

16. You don’t know what young people are talking about.

17. You are spending more time with friends comparing about illness and injuries with them.

18. You cannot put everyday items in the usual places.

19. You drive very slowly these days.

20. You buy a smartphone, but don’t know how to use it except for making calls.

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