Knee Pain: Try THESE home remedies to treat this health problem

Knee pain can hamper your life and it's essential to treat this problem at the earliest. But it doesn't always have to be treated with painkillers! Try killing the knee pain with simple home remedies.
Knee Pain: Try THESE home remedies to treat this health problemKnee Pain: Try THESE home remedies to treat this health problem
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We often end up with inflamed joints and minor injuries around our knee and sometimes the pain just comes right back and it's not always something that you should ignore. Often we end up with knee pain due to a muscle or maybe even exerting our body too much. It's not always recommended to treat your regular knee pain with painkillers. But if you've been ignoring your pain or simply popping painkillers remember that they have side effects that can impact your mind and body and your organs in the long run.

Other than heading to the doc and diagnosing and treating your knee pain, it's also essential to find a better alternative to medications. Home remedies are a great solution if you want to relieve pain and prevent this problem in the long run.

Here are some easy home remedies to deal with knee pain:

1. Mix some mustard oil with 2 pinches of turmeric powder and massage it on your knees. This will soothe your knees and the heat from the oil along with the healing properties of turmeric can work wonders on your pain and makes it disappear.

2. If you're dealing with knee pain due to winters, soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and then consume them. This will provide immense relief from pain.

3. Crush tulsi leaves and grind them. Mix it with a spoonful of turmeric powder and some water and make a smooth paste. Apply this on your knees for pain relief.

4. If you suffer from regular pain in your knees, try including amla in your diet. Amla is known to strengthen bones and helps relieve pain in your joints.

5. Ginger is known to relieve pain. Include some ginger in your diet as it can reduce inflammation and pain and it can aid with pain relief in arthritis as well.  

6. It's also essential to engage your knee in some light exercise every now and then. If you suffer from too much pain you can try some physiotherapy with a professional.

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