Trying to avoid sugar? THIS is how you will benefit from a sugar detox according to Dr Rashmi Rai

Sugar products are a treat for everybody’s tastebuds. They say one will always have a place for dessert no matter how full one is. That’s how sugar has made its place in one’s heart.
Trying to avoid sugar? THIS is how you will benefit from a sugar detox according to Dr Rashmi Rai
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After many years of evolution, we have shifted from a nutrient-dense diet to a diet that's predominantly carbohydrates. We have been eating wheat, grains, flour, packaged and processed foods like fruit juices, colas etc. Such foods have varieties of sugar like high fructose corn syrup or maltodextrin, etc which are detrimental to health. These changes are leading us to a pandemic of obesity and diabetes. The more overweight and obese you are, the less your pleasure centres work, especially dopamine. This means you more sugar and starch to actually stimulate the pleasure centre. You get stuck in this vicious cycle where you crave and eat more sugar. Sugar is indeed a very addictive drug.

Detox is defined as a period of time when you stop consuming a particular product. Most people do it in hopes of chasing a healthy lifestyle. As sugar contains no nutrients, no proteins, no enzymes and no healthy fats, sugar detox becomes a sustainable detox as it doesn’t negatively harm your body.
Start with a 10-day sugar detox as we don’t want the body to feel too overwhelmed. It’s an instant mini reboot for the system. The number one positive effect is that it recalibrates the palate and you can taste natural sugars.

Following are some major benefits of sugar detox.

Weight Loss:

High consumption of sugar interferes with the process of breakdown of fats in the body. This leads to fatty liver. Excess consumption of sugar can also lead to insulin spikes. This results in a blood sugar nightmare and the adrenals crash. Due to which a person consumes larger portions of diet, especially carbs, leading to weight gain. Sugar detox is one of the easiest ways to reduce belly fat and replacing it with nutritious whole foods can help to reduce 2kgs of weight in a month. 

Hormonal Balance:

High amount of sugar intake can also hinder the hormonal balance of your body and the dopamine response. A sugar detox can regulate hormones by adding good fats like ghee, coconut oil, nut butter to your daily diet that results in fewer mood swings, hunger cravings, stress and improved energy levels.

Better skin:

Sugar detox tends to result in brighter and more clear skin especially for women with acne. The dark circles also seem to get lighter as the under-eye puffiness reduces due to sugar detox. As the hormones come to a balance, the skin looks younger and more firm which also compliments even skin tone and a beautiful complexion.

Optimal gut health:

While digestive problems such as acidity, constipation, gas and bloating are not looked at very seriously, the unhealthy gut bad bacteria feed off the sugar and the bacterial proteins and toxins leak into your bloodstream. As 60% of your immune system is right under your gut, it causes all sorts of inflammation. Therefore, cutting off the sugar will stop the growth of bad bacteria which in turn will reduce inflammation of the gut and it has an overall positive impact on the body. 
One should always give the body time to recover and reset the blood sugar levels. 

The right way to start sugar detox is vegetables, good fats and proteins. Avoid all forms of grains, flour, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, dairy and starchy vegetables. Keep yourself hydrated with water or coconut water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, add proteins like sprouted moong dal, tofu, chicken, fish or organic eggs, add good fats to your diet, follow a rainbow diet consisting of different coloured fruits and vegetables and start your sugar detox.
Go start your detox journey today.

About the author: Dr. Rashmi Rai, Integrated Lifestyle Medicine Expert, BHRT Specialist, Regenerative Medicine Specialist

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