Trying to reduce your sugar consumption? Here are some foods you need to avoid

Updated on Aug 24, 2019 05:16 PM IST  |  1.3M
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Quite a few of us have a sweet tooth and though there’s nothing wrong with having a few sweet things here and there, too much sweet cannot be good for your health. High consumption of sugar can be harmful to your health. It can put you at the risk of many other chronic illnesses and make your health much worse. It can also lead to a sugar addiction which can lead to health risks and heart diseases. Sugar can also put you at the risk of obesity which comes with many other health conditions and problems of its own. Most of us don’t realize the amount of sugar we consume daily. It can also lead to diabetes and put our health, well-being and fitness regime in jeopardy. A lot of junk food contains a high carbohydrate content. Such food breaks down into sugar and increases our glucose levels and sugar intake which may make things worse for our health. Here are a few foods that have a surprisingly high sugar content and spike the glucose in your body.



Packaged fruit juice has high sugar content. It may come as a surprise but a packaged fruit juice has less pulp and more sugar. It has low fiber content and high sugar content which is not very good for your body.

Protein Bars


It has a high protein content and it is very filling and leaves you feeling full for a longer period of time. Other than the protein content it also contains a lot of sugar in order to make it taste sweet and appealing. It is not the healthiest snack for you if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake.



The instant soup mix that you love eating may be great for your throat and your body and it may help you lose weight because it reduces your appetite but it is not good for your body as such. Unlike a fresh bowl of soup, this soup has preservatives and sugar along with the other added ingredients which makes it unhealthy for you.



The chocos and honey loops that you love eating every morning for breakfast do not make for a healthy choice. Most of picking a pack of these cereals because they’re really quick to make and they go with milk but they’re not healthy because they contain a high sugar content and it makes you consume too much sugar too fast.



Bread in any form may increase your sugar consumption. It contains flour, sugar, and yeast which increases its carbohydrates contents. And as we know carbs break down into sugar and spike your glucose levels. So as much as you may like it a burger or a sandwich is not very healthy for you if you’re trying to reduce your sugar consumption.