Tuberculosis: 7 dishes that help with speedy recovery

A patient suffering from TB becomes weak, and undergoes a massive weight loss. In order to re-build the strength, TB patient should include these food items in their diet. These dishes will not only strengthen the immune system but will also help with speedy recovery.
Tuberculosis: 7 dishes that help with speedy recoveryTuberculosis: 7 dishes that help with speedy recovery
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Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the deadliest diseases in India. It's an infectious disease which mainly attacks the lungs. TB, if not detected on time can spread to other parts of the body like the brain and spine. People suffering from TB have to take medication for at least 6 months. Apart from medication, TB patients also need to lead a healthy lifestyle. They need to hydrate themselves frequently, and keep a watch on their diet. The medications and the toxins make them weak and they tend to lose a lot of weight too. 


Hence, apart from the diet, TB patients should also follow a good diet. It helps them with medication and also restores health at a faster pace. It helps to boost immunity and provides you with the much-needed strength. These are the food items people suffering from TB should add in their diet as they are not only healthy, but they'll speed up the recovery too. 




A bowl of khichdi made with dal, rice and vegetables is a complete package of carbohydrates, proteins and all the other nutrients required by the body. It is a complete meal and is easy to digest. Since TB patients have a low appetite and can't each much because of the medications, this one-dish will provide them with all the nutrients. 




Soybean is not only a rich source of protein, but it also strengthens your immune system which is necessary to fight the TB-causing bacteria.




Paneer can either be added to the khichdi or can be added to other dishes. Paneer is a high source of protein, which helps in building muscles and helps the TB patients to regain the muscle mass that they lose because of the illness. 


Rava Ladoo or Ragi Porridge:


TB patients tend to lose a lot of weight due to sickness and medications. Hence, they need to consume some calorie-dense food items. Rava ladoos or porridge made with ragi grains can provide the energy needed.


Guava and Amla:


Fruits like Guava and Amla are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They help eliminate the TB toxins from the body.


Whole grains:


Whole grains are not only rich in vitamin B, but they are also rich in fibre. They will keep you energised and help fight fatigue and lethargy.




Milk is a great source of protein, and it provides energy to the body to perform daily activities. 

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