Types of essential oils and their health and skin benefits

Essential oils have many health and skin benefits that can fight many skin ailments and improve health conditions. So, here are different types of essential oils and their benefits.
Types of essential oils and their health and skin benefits
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Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and these oils capture the scent and flavour of the plants. These oils have aromatic compounds and a therapeutic effect. Essential oils can be used in an oil diffuser to disperse them in the air to provide a pleasant smell in your abode. The oils also give a calming and soothing effect in the rooms and the particles get absorbed into our skin which has several benefits as well. So, here are different types of oils and their health benefits. 

Popular essential oils and their usages:

Peppermint oil- For improving energy and digestion process. 

Lavender oil- For relieving stress. 

Sandalwood oil- For calming nerves and enhancing focus. 

Bergamot- For reducing stress and improving skin conditions like eczema. 

Rose oil- Improves mood and relaxes our body. 

Chamomile oil- For improving mood and relaxation. 

Ylang-Ylang oil- For treating headache, nausea and different skin ailments. 

Tea tree oil- For boosting immunity and treating infections. 

Jasmine oil- For treating depression and enhancing libido. 

Lemon oil- For improving digestion, mood and treating headache. 

Health benefits of essential oils

1.In many different studies, it has been seen that essential oils provide a calming effect to and reduces stress and anxiety effectively. Massaging these oils on your skin will relieve your fatigue and tiredness. 

2.The application of peppermint and lavender oils on the skin can effectively reduce migraine and headache. You can massage these oils on your forehead and temples to get relief from the pain. A mixture of chamomile and sesame oils can be massaged on the temples to relieve headache or migraine as well. It’s a traditional Persian remedy. 

3.Smelling lavender oil can improve sleep quality among women after childbirth and patients with cardiovascular issues. It has been seen in many studies that smelling lavender oil improves our sleep quality. 

4.Apart from the ones mentioned above, regular use of essential oils can reduce inflammation. These oils mostly caraway and rosemary can fight inflammatory conditions effectively. 

5.Essential oils have antimicrobial properties that can fight with any kind of bacterial infections.

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