Drinking green tea for weight loss? Here's how it helps you shed some kilos

A number of people would say that green tea is just a pretentious herbal tea but the fact is that it has numerous health benefits which make it one of the most popular health beverage but the one thing it is known for is weight loss.
Drinking green tea for weight loss? Here's how it helps you shed some kilos
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A cup of herbal tea can be very soothing every now and then. One of the best and most common tea is a cup of green tea. It has become of the most common health beverage consumed by most people looking to lose weight. It has become a popular herbal tea that everyone likes and thought it may not taste the best it has numerous health benefits which make it a great healthy tea for anyone who may want to add a health drink in their diet. Even health professionals like dieticians and nutritionists have started recommending people to include herbal tea like green tea in their diet as it is known to be good for the body. But it is essential to remember that everything is good only if consumed in moderation and you cannot be drinking green tea the way you drink coffee or water. It has to be limited and you can always replace your sugary drinks like sodas or canned drinks with a cup of fresh green tea. But besides that, green can majorly accelerate weight loss.

Here's how green tea helps accelerate weight loss

1. Green tea contains catechins and other substances similar to that of coffee and these antioxidants and other substances help boost your metabolism and make it work faster and help your body digest food faster and produce more energy and heat.

2. Green tea is known to make you feel less hungry. It suppresses your diet and your craving by making you feel fuller.

3. The fat cells in our body need to be broken down before moving to the bloodstream in order to burn fat. The antioxidants in green tea do just that.

4. Green tea is known to improve muscle endurance so a cup of green tea before working out can make you feel stronger and help build your stamina. It also supports muscle recovery.

5. Belly fat has become a common problem that is linked to diabetes and cholesterol and other such chronic health conditions. Green is known to have ingredients that target the belly fat and help with reducing some inches around the belly.

6. Green tea makes for a great health beverage. It is a refreshing drink that you can consume instead of an energy drink which is high in calories whereas green tea contains very few calories in comparison. This means lesser calorie intake and fewer calories to burn.

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