Want to shed those extra kilos? Check out THESE unconventional sports to stay in shape

Staying in shape doesn’t mean just going to the gym! Check out these fun ways to stay in shape.
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Bored and unmotivated to hit the gym every day? Well, who wouldn’t be. Running, yoga and sports are also a great way to stay fit while at the same time getting to spend outdoors and interacting with like minded people. Nonetheless, even these can get boring after a while. So when that happens, you should get you and  your friends to try some unconventional sports to stay in shape. This can turn out to be a much needed break from your regular workout schedule. Trying different ways to stay fit also motivates you better to follow a fitness routine!



Ditch the idea that trampoline is just for kids - it isn’t! In fact, trampoline jumping is a  popular calorie-burning exercise. Jumping on a trampoline is a great cardio cardio workout along with leg, glute, and core workout. A trampoline workout can burn upto 410 calories per hour if you weigh about 70 kg! 





Skateboarding isn’t anymore meant for energetic teens either! Skateboarding can burn about 500 calories per hour without doing any fancy tricks! When you skateboard, you propel yourself forward with your lower body, and to turn, you lean your body while maintaining your balance on the board. Regular skateboarding builds leg and core endurance. It also helps in improving focus and flexibility! 





The friendly picnic game can also be a great workout sport! As you know, frisbee involves a good amount of running, throwing and hand-eye coordination. Regular frisbee sessions can improve endurance, build leg muscles and improve attention span! You can burn up to 500 calories an hour if you weigh 60 kg!



Underwater hockey


Yes, it is a thing! It’s just like hockey, except you have to wear fins and a snorkel and know how to swim. Also known as octopush, the sport promises an increased overall body strength. You also get toned muscles, increased stamina, stronger core muscles and better cardiovascular health!





Kayaking is not only very therapeutic but also a great way to stay in shape. Kayaking on calm waters at a moderate speed gives you low-impact full body workout which is especially good for your core. You can burn almost 600 calories if you weigh around 80 kg!

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