Water Retention: Know what is it and how to tackle this condition

Here we bring you a list of ways to overcome this condition naturally.

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Read on to know more about water retention
Some lifestyle and dietary changes can assist you in tackling this condition.

Water retention aka fluid retention or edema is a type of situation in which the body preserves an excessive amount of water. The condition usually happens in the circulatory system or inside tissues and cavities. Right from hormonal changes and excessive consumption of salt to medications, poor diet, irregular menstrual cycle and genetics- there could be varied reasons for water retention and it can even lead to further complexities if not treated appropriately. The disorder can be recognised by multiple signs like bloating in the abdominal area, swollen legs, feet and ankles, puffiness in the face and hips and regular weight fluctuations. It can make you heftier than normal while decreasing your activeness. Some lifestyle and dietary changes can assist you in tackling this condition. Here we bring you a list of ways to overcome this condition naturally. 

Eat your protein

Water is fascinated by protein and consuming decent quantities of this nutrient can help in harmonising water levels in your body. A diet rich in protein is touted as great to eradicate water through urine while decreasing puffiness in the body.


Eat your protein

Keep your feet elevated

This is one simple activity that you can do to bid adieu to water retention. For this, all you have to do is uplift your feet over the level of your heart so that the retained water in your feet and ankles can make its way out from your body. Do this multiple times a day to reap the maximum benefits. Take the help of compression socks to squash out an excessive amount of water from your legs while ensuring a great circulation of blood in the body.

Opt for a low-salt diet

Salt is formulated of sodium and chloride and when you consume sodium it will bind water in your body and can hamper the balanced of fluids while making your body retain water. Following a low salt diet can assist in overcoming the problem. 2300 milligrams is the daily recommended value of sodium. Make sure to abide by this or you can consult a health expert to know your recommended sodium intake during this condition. Say no to processed and packaged food items from your diet and try to substitute salt from natural herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of your dishes while reducing the need of adding salt to your meals.


Opt for a low-salt diet

Incorporate food that is high in potassium and magnesium

Both Potassium and magnesium are incredible minerals that are involved in around 300 enzymatic reactions and assist in the smooth functioning of the body. Increasing the intake of potassium and magnesium-rich foods aid in nullifying the high sodium levels in the body which further tackle the symptoms of water retention. Bananas, avocados, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collard hold significant proportions of these minerals. 

Water retention is an extremely common issue and can be tackled with some simple dietary changes. Make sure to move your body as much as you can and swear by the aforementioned ways for effective results. Do consult a doctor if have been suffering from this condition frequently. 

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