Weight Loss: 15 sure shot ways to lose extra kilos according to Celeb Fitness Expert Yogesh Bhateja

Celeb Fitness Expert Yogesh Bhateja has shared very vital and effective weight loss tips for Pinkvilla readers.
weight loss,weight loss tips,Health & FitnessWeight Loss: 15 sure shot ways to lose extra kilos according to Celeb Fitness Expert Yogesh Bhateja
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Are you fed up with the bulges and love handles and want to have a leaner and fitter body? Then you are at the right place as today we are sharing not one or two but 15 sure shot ways to get rid of extra fat and thus leading to weight loss. There is no dearth of weight loss tips and tricks on the internet and there are several factors why we are unable to lose weight; however, incorporating the below-mentioned changes in lifestyle one can actually witness weight loss. 

Weight or fat gain happens when we eat more than we burn. During the lockdown, many are eating and munching more and activities are too less to burn the excess calories. The extra calories then get stored as fats in our body. We asked Celebrity Fitness Expert Yogesh Bhateja, who coaches actors such as Sonu Sood, Kapil Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, Esha Gupta, and Parth Samthaan among others, to share some vital weight loss tips for Pinkvilla readers. By following these steps you will surely torch down the fats and be slimmer. 

1. Plan your meals in advance
Make sure to stay on the right track of your weight loss goals by planning your meals in advance. In this way, you will only have healthy and required calories as per your body only.

2. Add a good amount of fibre
Add fibrous food items in all your meals for good bounce and volume which will keep you satisfied for a long time. This will keep you eating more and have junk cravings.

3. Chewing is very important
We hardly pay attention to chew and gulp down meals in just a few minute's time. Our brain hardly gets signal that we ate food and soon we feel hungry. Yogesh suggested chewing each and every bite properly. Don't watch TV or social media apps. Concentrate on a meal to makes sure it is diluted and we get best out of it.

4. Eat small meals with the right time gap
Eating smalls meals in gaps will keep your digestive system in the right track and you will lose weight much faster. 

5. Have only healthy snacks
Go for the right choices whenever hungry. Instead of chips go for popcorn. Instead of ice creams go for greek yogurt. The best snack is fruits so instead of eating junk like namkeens and biscuits eat fruits. 

6. Dinner light
Make sure to have dinner, a light meal, 2 prior to the bed as the same will boost metabolism. 

7. Water and detox yourself in the morning
We cannot stress more on how important water is for us and especially for weight loss. Drink at least 3.5 liters a day. Detox your body with alkaline water, aloe vera water, lemon-honey and amla water among others.

8. Blood test
With the help of blood tests, you will learn why you are gaining weight or unable to lose weight. There are several reasons right from low Vitamin D and B, insulin sensitivity, PCOD and estrogen levels among others.

9. Measure yourself
It is important to measure yourself regularly. Measure as per weight as well as inches. With this, you will stay motivated to be on the right track. 

10. Clean up your kitchen
Remove unhealthy stuff from the kitchen. Make sure to not buy packaged and trans-fat-laden food items. 

11. Keep yourself moving
We are hardly moving these days amid lockdown or doing activities that take a good amount of energy. Make sure to move every 30 minutes. Walking and stretch for few minutes is now vital.

12. Avoid adding soft drinks in liquor based drinks
Yogesh suggested that when you drink alcohol to try and avoid adding soft drinks and also overeating. In both cases, calorie consumption increases which will disrupt your weight loss.

13. Avoid stress
When you are in stress, your cortisol- stress hormone gets messed up. The same leads to more stress-eating especially sugar-laden foods and it is not good for weight loss journey.

14. Motivate your family members
With this, the food culture will be the same food eating habits will be the same. They will also be on the right track with good food and the scope of getting distracted will be very less.

15. High-intensity Interval Training aka HIIT
Make sure to do HIIT thrice a week. High knees, back knees, butt kicks, planks, pelvic bridges, burpees, thrusters, jumping jacks, shoulder taps, skipping, squats and lunges are some exercises he recommended. Check out this article to know more.

Watch the video to know more:

Celebrity fitness expert Yogesh Bhateja shares best ways to burn fat faster from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.

This Day That Year
Anonymous 4 weeks ago

my tip - eat everything including heavy fat , fried and junk food in moderation. Do physical exercise to burn off calories and convert them into energy .

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