Weight loss: 5 EASY ways to get a flat stomach without actually dieting; Check it out

Everyone dreams to have a flat stomach but with the kind of lifestyle we live, it has just become a dream of sorts. So here we have 5 easy ways to actually get a flat stomach without dieting. Check it out
Weight loss: 5 EASY ways to get a flat stomach without actually dieting; Check it outWeight loss: 5 EASY ways to get a flat stomach without actually dieting; Check it out
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Whether you call it bloating or just belly fat, having a protruding stomach is not what everyone wants. While there is very little time in our busy schedule to actually hit the gym, it leaves us with very fewer options to work with. While most of us have tried the dieting route, it does not seem to help when it comes down to consistency. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a list of things that you can do which will help in reducing that gut area and pretty simple. 

1. Cut back on the alcohol

While beer is your best friend, you need to understand that the liver processes the alcohol before any other carbs or proteins. This results in slowing down any fat burning processes resulting in the increased width around the gut area. You can still hit the bar though, but make sure to limit your consumption to one drink per week. 

2. Try planks

If you are not someone to spend an hour at the gym, all you need to do in the day is to plank it out. Just get in the plank position and hold it on for about a minute. This will start toning the belly fat without actually having to go to the gym.

3. Watch the stress

While this may be the first time you’d be reading about stress affecting belly fat, it is actually true. Having stress and anxiety can release a hormone called cortisol that encourages the body to store fat—particularly in the abdominal region. So whenever you feel stressed, practise a few breathing exercises or just press the pause button and take a break from work. 

4. Eat smaller bites and ditch the straw

If you do not like a bloated stomach, avoid the thing that makes you gulp air. Sipping from a straw or chewing gum allows the air to enter the stomach making you feel gassy and bloated. Taking smaller bites of food and taking a seat while sipping water can make a huge difference to your bloated stomach.

5. Avoid late-night snacks

Eating heavy food items at the night can end up accumulating the fat while you are sleeping. Since there is barely any movement while sleeping, eating heavy food items at the night end up storing all the fat in and around the gut. Make sure to have an early dinner or take a walk if you’ve eaten late. 

What is it that you do to get a flat stomach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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