Weight Loss Tips: 5 healthy snacks you can easily grab before a workout

Are you feeling hungry before a workout but don’t have time to cook something up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are five healthy snacks you can easily grab before a workout.
Weight Loss: 5 healthy snacks you can easily grab before a workoutWeight Loss: 5 healthy snacks you can easily grab before a workout
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Working out is the best possible way to keep your body healthy and that weight in check. But why you are at it, do not forget how necessary it is to fuel up before burning those extra calories. It is important to understand that diet and exercise go hand in hand. Without eating the right food, you will not have enough energy to hit the gym. So whenever you are hungry, eat the right kind of food especially before a workout. 

But, if you are someone who squeezes in a workout in your busy schedule, you might probably not have enough time to whip something up before a workout. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, here are some easy snacks you can grab on the go. 


If you are looking out to lose weight, you must be advised to stay away from carbs. But, do not forget that carbs = energy. So, if you are looking out for a great energy workout, you can easily opt for carbs. It’ll give you energy while the workout will break the complex glucose easily without increasing those calories. A granola bar, oatmeal or a piece of avocado toast is the best way to fuel up. 


Nuts have nutrients that are essential to fuel up before any workout. Some nuts like almonds can also help you lose weight. However, the key here is portion control. Excess amount of nuts can end up making you feel bloated. Make sure you measure the serving for an impactful workout without gaining any weight.


Easiest to grab and eat on the go, bananas are an exerciser's best friend. You can grab a banana while on the way to the gym as it contains important nutrients like glucose which can be a great fuel for the muscles. On the other hand, the potassium in bananas isn’t stored in your system for too long, so you're able to utilize it during your workout.

Scrambled egg whites:

While this may take a few minutes to whip up, nothing will give you the protein boost like a mini-meal of low-calorie egg whites. If you are in a hurry, you can just crack an egg open in a cup and microwave it for a few minutes before hitting the gym. 


This is the easiest and the tastiest snack you can grab on that long drive to the gym. Just whip up all your favourite fruits in a container and enjoy a blast of fruitful flavour before a workout. You can make it low in calorie by opting for soy or almond milk as the base.

What is is that you grab before a workout? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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