Weight Loss: 9 things beginners should keep in mind

Are a newbie who will soon start a weight loss program? Then read on to know certain healthy and helpful tips.
weight loss tips,Health & Fitness Weight Loss: 9 things beginners should keep in mind
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Weight loss is more than just appearance. Obesity can affect our quality of life, health, mental well being our ability to do daily tasks and self-esteem. If you have a protruding belly, then losing extra fats is a good step as the same can lead to several other health problems. But many weight watchers complain that losing weight is not easy. It may take time but it is not impossible. If you are looking for some magic pill or quick fix then you should stop looking for them as there are no short-cuts.

And anyway, you should always focus on the long term and healthy weight loss journey. Yes, you need to be determined and focused, and of course, you can achieve it with a healthy diet, exercise regime and certain weight loss hacks. If you are a beginner and just starting your weight loss journey, then read on some vital tips that you should keep in mind. Read on to know more.

1. Check up with your GP

Before you hop on any special diet or exercise program. You should consult your doctor to understand whether you have any issues and concerns that you should consider before you choose a diet and exercise program.

2. Water and fluids

The first and foremost thing that can make help you reach your weight loss goal is simple water intake. Try to drink 9 glasses of water per day. And you should drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior to your meals and not during meals. As per a study, your weight loss will increase by 44% in 3 months. There are several benefits like help to get rid of toxins and makes you feel less hungry among others which eventually leads to weight loss. Avoid juices, soda, sports drinks and drink water and fluids such as black tea, coffee, and green tea among others. 

2. Add good fats

Many of us think fats are bad. Yes, they are but don't shun 'good fats'. You should include certain foods that have good fats such as fish, nuts, and seeds, and olive oil or coconut oil in moderate quantity.

3. Get enough Vitamin D

Sunlight is required for Vitamin D so make sure to get your daily dose of sun exposure (10-15 minutes every morning). As per one of the studies, higher levels of vitamin D are linked to less weight gain.

4.Start with walking 

We know how important physical activity is. But if you are not a fan of gymming then you have to at least include walking. You can start your exercise regime by walking and then you can add other exercises or activities such as jogging, running, cycling or swimming, etc. Walking is a low-stress, low-impact form of exercise yet a great fat burner. 

5. Keep a track on your food

This is one of the most important points. What and how much you eat is extremely important. If you can keep a mental note of it, great, or else you can always write down in a journal. Make sure you are including macros and micronutrients such as fibre, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. Follow this smart way to know how much you should eat as per your body. You can always consult a nutritionist who can carve out the right diet chart for you so that you eat healthy foods and the right amount of calories. 

6. Follow sustainable diet and exercise regime and other weight loss tools

Weight loss and maintaining it is long term thing, so make sure your whatever diet and exercise regime you follow is sustainable. What you eat, how you eat, your social behavior and your activity level will be changed forever. As if you don't follow them, you will soon get back those kilos.

7. Make achievable goals

It is very important to have small and achievable goals like losing half a pound to one pound or so in week and fortnight's time. Don't fall victim to overnight weight loss tricks and other scams that promise weight loss in a short time. It is very important to lose weight slowly and in a healthy manner. 

8. Tackle stress and sleep woes

Too much stress and poor sleep cycles can hinder your weight loss program. It is very important to keep these two in check first. 

9. Moderation is the key

Too much calorie deficit or fasting can put you in starvation mode and you will end up eating more later. Also, not all diet fads and the eating patterns will suit you. So, instead of falling for any fad, follow the simple rule of moderation which is again a sustainable option.

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